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Adaptatium, Working to make this vision a reality

Adaptatium, I encourage collaboration!

synergy with naturesynergy with nature

Here's our story: Fighting climate change and improving the ratio of human nature, working with biodiversity.

Restocking agricultural areas (combating poverty): we wanted to fully adapt to nature, we hopped on the trail walking

surrounded by vegetation, arrived at the Summit, the scenery has made our case. Looking at the situation, I deduced

that the best ally had to be biodiversity, I started squeezing an Alliance Pact with the forms of life present, (essential to

life on Earth).

An alpine meadow, I created the access roads, and with them the islands of biodiversity, I have come to know and

admire the creatures that you showed, meeting along the streets of the place (a meadow flooded the Woods).

I quantified the resources accessible including practicing minimal disturbance to adaptation (amalgamation).

Work is thus to assist nature, serving with the necessary slowness, with gentleness and gratefulness, respecting the

times ...

Political management of agricultural land resource location (legitimacy): of all the occupations of the inhabitants was

agriculture better expressed by the historical record and also the most important.

Who are asking "why?", the answer is: agriculture can be understood as an indispensable resource, land, developed

with our help (more precisely of the peasant worker e Earth's Manager).

Resource location assessment (creative): So, the new world that moved around us has imposed to observe real and

immediate future, squirrel taught us how to deal with the long winter, collect food and store, collect dry wood and cram,

our collective action in biodiversity, enriched our conscious rationality, we are living in harmony with nature.

Local resource enhancement (social innovation): over time, our adaptation work has increased our sense of civic duty,

assist nature, serve the ecosystem, an innovation social, cultural.

Semi-subsistence farms (adaptation): farms which primarily produce for their own consumption and Community.

As our community can provide valuable help to adapt new life, climate change is a warning, dexterity, do creative,

simple, human forces, elementary knowledge of mastery of movement, within a framework of social cohesion catalyzed

by a single common denominator, Earth.

4 years of research, sustainability has shown that acceptable and just what the biosphere receives and preserves, the

immune system of the terrestrial world (biodiversity).

Development policy and innovation, must consider and encourage innovation, practice, civil society grow human model

of immune activity in symbiosis and synergy with nature.

Multiplier community of oxygen. Our proposal: surrounded by nature, follow us and join us in supporting growth,

innovation and social cohesion. Mission: to restore the disused farmland, regulate the rules of bio, sustainability

(agricultural work manual) sharing, integration, participation, collaboration, management of existing resources, for the

benefit of all, including future generations. Right now

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Simone Muffolini
10 January 2017

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