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  1. Capacity Development After Accra: A Fashion with a Future?

    The Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) mentions capacity development (CD) not less than 16 times. So CD certainly succeeded in securing a strong position on the agenda. But how do all these words get turned into action?
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    26 May 2009
  2. Donor Approaches to Capacity Development: What We Are Learning

    The Secretariat of OECD's Development and Assistance Committee has drawn up an inventory of existing approaches to capacity development among its member countries and multilateral donors. The inventory is a useful tool for comparing donors' capacity development policies, how those policies are put into operation, and to what extent the Accra Agenda for Action priorities have already been incorporated.
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    26 May 2009
  3. Capacity Development: Links and Tools

    Search the web for capacity development (CD) tools and methodologies and you are likely to find hundreds or even thousands of references, particularly if you include "organisational development" in your search. So how can one find a way through this jungle of material?
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    26 May 2009
  4. Joint Learning Events on Capacity Development

    With the support of the Learning Network for Capacity Development, sector-specific in-country learning events are now offered for donors and partners.
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    26 May 2009
  5. Technical Cooperation Reform is a Culture Change

    The European Commission is taking a lead role in championing a results-driven reform of technical cooperation. In a video interview to mark the launch of the new platform, Koos Richelle, Director General of the Commission's development arm, EuropeAid, explains the modalities of that reform.
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    26 May 2009
  6. Southern Voice Welcomes Technical Cooperation Reform

    Measures to reform how the European Commission delivers aid by rethinking approaches to technical cooperation, have been welcomed by a leading Southern representative in Aid Effectiveness, Talaat Abdel-Malek, recently appointed as co-chair of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness in the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD. 
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    26 May 2009
  7. Welcome to

    EuropeAid's new open platform for more effective technical cooperation aims at becoming an indispensable tool for development practitioners, says Wojciech Lubowiecki, head of the editorial team of the platform, in this welcome note.
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    26 May 2009
  8. Public Administration Reform in Morocco

    The government of Morocco is engaged in an ambitious programme of public sector reform. Some eight years into the programme, experience shows that such reform is time consuming and requires cross-ministerial support and robust regulation to be successful, writes Pierre Hennebert, E4 EuropeAid in a new report.
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    26 May 2009
  9. Explaining the Complexities of Public Sector Reform

    Can the complexities and challenges of public sector reform be explained in understandable language and clear terms? Test it yourself - for this is what the new reference document produced by unit E4 in EuropeAid sets out to do.
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    26 May 2009
  10. Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Developing Countries

    Many efforts to strengthen and modernise Public Expenditure Management in developing countries risk joining a long-line of failures. But, in a new paper, expert Daniel Tommasi explains how proper PEM design and phased implementation can yield positive results. In his paper, "Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Developing Countries: Sequencing Issues", published in March, Mr Tommasi says that to improve PEM in developing countries, partners must first take into account the country's context and culture.
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    26 May 2009
  11. The Challenge of Reforming Budgetary Institutions in Developing Countries

    In this recent provocative paper, "The Challenge of Reforming Budgetary Institutions in Developing Countries", author Richard Allen bridges an important gap in the existing literature on Public Expenditure Management, offering a thought provoking yet practical guide to help countries design and implement new PEM legislation and procedure.
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    26 May 2009
  12. The UNDP Oslo Governance Centre

    The UN Development Programme's Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) provides policy guidance and technical support and training on governance. Established in 2002 as part of the global policy network for democratic governance of UNDP, the OGC offers policy guidance and technical support to the more than 130 country offices. It also cooperates with donors and research institutions and currently is undertaking three country studies on governance assessments.
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    27 May 2009
  13. EuropeAid Fills a Gap: Approval of the Sector Governance Approach

    Donors struggle to translate policies on governance to practical actions in the field. One promising avenue for improvement leads donors to pay more careful attention to governance in sectors. To help in this journey, EuropeAid has developed and published a guidance tool for its staff that has already picked up internal and external attention.
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    27 May 2009
  14. Navigating the Public Finance Management Reform Literature

    There's a host of literature available on Public Finance Management (PFM) Reform. To better navigate what's available, the UK's Department for International Development has commissioned this Review of PFM Reform Literature.
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    27 May 2009
  15. Decentralisation and Local Governance: Participate in a Virtual Discussion Group

    European Commission staff are already participating in online discussion forums and recently, a discussion group was launched on decentralisation and local governance, feeding into a workshop in Brussels in July. "I am a task manager for local governance and civil society in A. I only arrived a month ago and I am therefore still trying to get my head around this very complex issue. I greatly welcome this initiative both in terms of support but also in terms of having a good channel of communication with other delegations."
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    27 May 2009
  16. From Better Theory to Better Practice

    Donors are too cautious in rallying behind new aid modalities when implementing their Paris commitments on aid effectiveness, says David Booth and colleagues in a series of studies from the UK's Overseas Development Institute.
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    27 May 2009
  17. Guidance on Making Technical Assistance more Effective is now Available

    The Director General of EuropeAid, Koos Richelle, has circulated the new Guidelines on Making Technical Assistance More Effective and urged staff across the European Commission to take a leading role in implementing technical cooperation reform. "Your dedicated involvement and leadership are critical to achieve, in the coming months, tangible improvements in the way TC programmes are designed and managed," said Mr Richelle in an instruction note to staff and delegations.
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    27 May 2009
  18. Guyana's Actions for an Action Plan

    The European Commission delegation in Guyana is working on an Action Plan to implement the Backbone Strategy on technical cooperation reform in a rather original way, using an external consultant to develop a more comprehensive document. Read more to see how they fared.
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    28 May 2009
  19. Communicating on the TC Reform: What Resources are Available for You?

    Whether you work in the headquarters or in the European Commission Delegations, you may at some point have to present and communicate on the subject of technical cooperation reform. You might be asked to contribute at a country-level or regional seminar, a training session, in meetings with partner countries representatives or other stakeholders, perhaps at an international conference or simply partake in internal events.
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    10 June 2009
  20. Why State Building is not working in DR Congo

    At a recent debate at the European Commission's EuropeAid headquarters, Theodore Trefon, who is also a contributor and editor of the 2005 book, "Reinventing Order in the Congo", sparked a lively debate with his hard-hitting assessment of donor short-comings in Africa's largest nation.
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    8 July 2009
  21. The Backbone Strategy: What, Who, Where?

    The Backbone Strategy on "Reforming Technical Co-operation and Project Implementation Units" is an ambitious and comprehensive reform, launched in July 2008, to overhaul the Technical Cooperation (TC) funded by the EC. It includes "hardware" changes to  systems and tools, and "software" changes to the practices and behaviour of all EC cooperation stakeholders.
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    9 July 2009
  22. The Backbone Strategy: Core Documents

    The Backbone Strategy on "Reforming Technical Cooperation and Project Implementation Units" for External Aid Provided by the European Commission and its workplan starting in October 2009: This key policy document presents EuropeAid's strategy to reform TC and PIU.
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    9 July 2009
  23. Internal Meetings Minutes and Working Documents

    You'll find here internal documents related to EC technical cooperation reform such as minutes of the Steering Committee meetings, working tools, reports, etc; which will help you follow the implementation of the Backbone Strategy. Minutes of Steering Committee Meetings:
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    9 July 2009
  24. Milestone documents in the preparation of the Backbone Strategy

    The preparation of the Backbone Strategy included comprehensive consultations with EC Delegations and EU Member States. Different reviews of on the different procedures used when providing technical cooperation were also prepared. 1. Court of Auditors Report on "The effectiveness of TA in the context of capacity development"
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    9 July 2009
  25. Technical Cooperation reform: News from the ground

    The Backbone Strategy takes different forms depending on the country context. EC Delegations play a leading role, with Headquarters support, in the dialogue with partners about technical cooperation. Read here news from the ground extracted from mission reports and other briefs. Mission reports:  
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    9 July 2009