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  1. Schoolchildren in Nepal

    The debate over private and public provisions of education

    Various forms of private education have emerged in recent years in developing countries. Is this an important contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals or a worrying trend that will disenfranchise the poor?
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    26 March 2019
  2. Woman construction

    Gender Equality Seal: Incentives for private and public enterprises

    UNDP’s Gender Equality Seal assists public and private enterprises in ensuring that their workplaces are fair and equitable. The result? A happier, more productive and innovative workforce – with higher rates of women in non-traditional sectors and leadership roles.
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    10 January 2019
  3. Our most popular stories of 2018

    Capacity4dev’s objective is to connect the development community. But while a lot of the activity on our platform happens in groups and communities of practice, did you know that we also have our very own magazine?
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    8 January 2019
  4. Women collecting wood Uganda

    Women’s empowerment through wetland management in Uganda

    The health of Uganda’s wetlands impacts everything from the livelihoods of surrounding communities to rates of gender-based violence. The proper management of this unique ecosystem can help address root causes of conflict while empowering women at the same time.
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    20 December 2018
  5. PFD Africa

    PFD Africa: Taking stock of EU and African Union partnership

    Between 8 and 10 October 2018, representatives of civil society organisations, the private sector and local authorities from across Africa gathered in Gaborone for the third Regional Meeting Africa of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD).
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    12 November 2018
  6. Miss Geek Africa: Women and girls in digitalisation

    ICT can go a long way in promoting gender equality and women empowerment. Winner of an Africa-wide programming contest tells us how she’s tapping into her digital skills to get ahead in the field.
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    2 November 2018
  7. Mobile banking

    Access to finance: Closing the gender gap

    Digital finance has allowed for unprecedented numbers of the world’s poorest to open banking accounts, save and transfer money – though a gap in access for women remains.
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    12 October 2018
  8. The reality of intersectional factors in gender inequality

    Given the complex nature of gender inequality, factors that render women most liable to discrimination are not always easily identifiable. How can humanitarian and development actors get a clearer picture using intersectional analysis?
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    1 October 2018
  9. Women and data

    Digitalisation in humanitarian assistance: Towards a stronger response

    Digitalisation in humanitarian assistance presents a twofold dilemma. While digital solutions allow humanitarian organisations to better respond to crises, if mismanaged, these same technologies risk exposing intended beneficiaries to violations of their rights.
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    19 September 2018
  10. Gender mainstreaming: The new norm for development agencies

    Thanks in part to awareness campaigns like She is We, gender equality has become a key issue for the development community. This is particularly evident among the national development agencies, as many of them have adopted new rules and behaviours to mainstream gender in their everyday work.
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    4 September 2018
  11. Rome

    What makes for successful partnerships? Lessons learned from 10 years of EU-FAO collaboration

    The EU‘s longstanding partnership with UN agencies – including the Food and Agriculture Organization – has allowed for marked successes, including the eradication of a virulent livestock disease and the development of global forest mapping technology. We sat down with Willem Olthof, First Counsellor to the EU Delegation in Rome, to look back over 10 years of EU-FAO collaboration.
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    22 August 2018
  12. Earth's ocean

    One Planet Network: Global partnership for a sustainable future

    From the ways we lead our lives to the production processes which support them, adopting more sustainable practices is central in ensuring a better future. The United Nation’s One Planet Network was formed in acknowledgment of just how far we have left to go – with the goal of providing a unified direction to achieve sustainable consumption and production patterns.
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    16 August 2018
  13. Volleyball

    Harnessing South Africa’s youth dividend for development

    Despite important investments, educational outcomes in South Africa still have a long way to go. From programmes targeting early-childhood development to life-skill workshops, we discussed EU involvement in the country with Arno Schaefer, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation.
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    2 August 2018