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  1. Cities for Fair Trade: Alliances for a Sustainable Chocolate Chain

    Cities are home to more than half of the world’s population and 80% of the global economic output. They lead the way as pioneers on sustainability issues, developing innovative solutions for environmental, social and economic challenges. Better knowledge about specific local conditions allows the development and promotion of context-specific solutions that are more likely to resonate with citizens, thus having greater impact. Cities play a crucial role in achieving the SDGs, and city-to-city alliances are steadily emerging. The partnership between Bruges, Belgium, and Ebolowa, Cameroon, highlights the potential of synergies among the Global South and Global North.
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    26 October 2021
  2. Empowering rural women to achieve sustainable wildlife management

    Women and girls are at the heart of rural communities worldwide. Their contribution to ending poverty and ensuring food security is fundamental. They also play a critical role in natural resource management and can influence how their communities hunt and fish, improve sanitation, protect habitats and comply with conservation laws.
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    15 October 2021
  3. Mural in Canterbury

    Sanitisation and sensitisation: How inter-agency cooperation and community buy-in help COVID-19 relief efforts in urban Jamaica

    COVID-19 has had a significant negative effect on the economy of Jamaica. As a developing country, the island is heavily reliant on tourism and remittances for revenue. Earnings from the tourism sector dropped sharply – due to low visitor arrivals since March 2020 – when the island closed its borders following its first positive COVID-19 case. The economic contraction and significant loss of revenues has bolstered the case for social intervention programmes to meet the needs of the most vulnerable citizens, many of whom live in inner-city areas.
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    4 October 2021
  4. Unsustainable consumption and production in LAC

    Promoting sustainable production and consumption in Latin America

    Unsustainable consumption and production patterns are at the heart of the triple planetary crisis: climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Environmental degradation has become even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the fragility of our societies. The EU and UNEP are joining forces with multiple stakeholders to ensure a greener future.
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    13 September 2021
  5. Consumo y de producción no sostenibles en ALC

    Promoción de la producción y el consumo sostenibles en América Latina

    Los patrones de consumo y de producción no sostenibles se encuentran en el centro de la triple crisis planetaria: cambio climático, pérdida de biodiversidad y contaminación La degradación medioambiental se ha vuelto aún más evidente durante la pandemia de COVID-19, lo que pone de relieve la fragilidad de nuestras sociedades. La UE y el PNUMA están aunando esfuerzos con múltiples partes interesadas para garantizar un futuro más verde.
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    13 September 2021
  6. Protéger les civils en temps de guerre avec la force militaire conjointe du G5 Sahel : de la théorie à la pratique

    Pour la protection des populations civiles, il est crucial que les troupes déployées dans les zones de guerre respectent le droit international des droits de l'homme (DIDH), le droit international humanitaire (DIH) et le droit des réfugiés (DDR). C'est ce qui est entrepris au Sahel par la force militaire conjointe, créée en 2017, par cinq pays de la région appelée Force Conjointe du G5 Sahel (FC-G5S). Les efforts de collaboration de ces pays pour lutter contre le terrorisme, la criminalité transnationale organisée et la traite des êtres humains sont soutenus par des mesures et des mécanismes concrets et sur mesure qui protègent les civils avec le soutien de l'ONU et de l'UE.
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    19 August 2021
  7. Protecting civilians in war with the G5 Sahel joint military force: from theory to practice

    For the protection of civilian populations, it is crucial that troops deployed in war zones respect International Human Rights Law (IHRL), International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Refugee Law (IRL). This is undertaken in the Sahel by the joint military force, created in 2017, by five countries in the region called the Force Conjointe du G5 Sahel (FC-G5S). The collaborative efforts of these countries to combat terrorism, transnational organised crime and human trafficking are supported by concrete and tailor-made measures and mechanisms which protect civilians with the support of the UN and the EU.
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    19 August 2021
  8. Team Europe-Kenya Partnership: community-led wildlife conservation

    Team Europe-Kenya Partnership: community-led wildlife conservation

    Team Europe is an important partner for Kenya’s development cooperation in the commitment to achieve the country’s national priorities and the drive towards the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals. The Team Europe-Kenya partnership is rooted in a joint commitment for prosperity with the aim of improving the quality of life for all. It also contributes to addressing the main challenges identified in Kenya’s national development Vision 2030. One focus of the joint efforts of this partnership is the promotion of conservation.
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    9 August 2021
  9. Tackling adolescent pregnancy in Panama

    Tackling adolescent pregnancy in Panama

    Adolescent pregnancy is a complex issue, often with severe consequences. Latin America has the second-highest teen fertility rate globally -well above Asia, North America, and Europe. For 15 years, the European Union's flagship programme for social cohesion in Latin America EUROsociAL+ has been providing technical support to policy reforms at the national and territorial level, with a strong emphasis on gender equality and women empowerment. On International Youth Skills Day, it is an opportunity to tackle this hugely important public health issue.
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    15 July 2021
  10. Abordando el embarazo en la adolescencia en Panamá

    Abordando el embarazo en la adolescencia en Panamá

    El embarazo en la adolescencia es un tema complejo, acompañado a menudo de graves consecuencias. América Latina tiene la segunda tasa de fecundidad durante la adolescencia más alta del mundo, muy por encima de Asia, América del Norte y Europa. Durante 15 años, el programa insignia de la Unión Europea para la cohesión social en América Latina, EUROsociAL+, ha brindado apoyo técnico a las reformas de políticas a nivel nacional y territorial, con un fuerte énfasis en la igualdad de género y el empoderamiento de las mujeres. En el Día Mundial de las Habilidades de la Juventud, es una oportunidad para abordar este problema de salud pública de enorme importancia.
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    15 July 2021
  11. Promoting legal timber trade and sustainable forest governance in Guatemala

    Illegal logging is a global problem with significant negative economic, environmental, and social impacts. Partner countries around the world, including in the Latin America region, have taken action and introduced measures to tackle illegal logging and mitigate its environmental and socio-economic repercussions. In this process, the EU stands as a partner via numerous interventions in forest-rich countries of Latin America, with Guatemala exemplifying these efforts.
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    2 July 2021
  12. Promoviendo el comercio legal de madera y la gobernanza forestal sostenible en Guatemala

    La tala ilegal de árboles es un problema mundial con un importante impacto negativo en el ámbito económico, medioambiental y social. Los países socios de todo el mundo, incluida la región de América Latina, han emprendido acciones e introducido medidas para abordar la tala ilegal y mitigar sus repercusiones medioambientales y socioeconómicas. En este proceso, la UE se erige como socio a través de numerosas intervenciones en países ricos en bosques de América Latina, con Guatemala a la cabeza como ejemplo de estos esfuerzos.
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    2 July 2021
  13. Cotton farmer

    Eradicating child labour in the food and fashion industries

    An estimated 160 million children are engaged in child labour worldwide, the equivalent of 10% of the global child population. Of these, 70% are working in agriculture with a link to the fashion sector using goods to be exported to Europe. A recent EU-funded project has raised awareness among European consumers and engaged with policymakers and companies to improve the livelihoods of the smallholder farmers and workers behind these products.
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    10 June 2021
  14. Coral reefs in Beqa

    Seeking a harmonious coexistence between Pacific Islanders and the life below water

    Marine resources are the backbone of Pacific Island economies and are fundamental for the livelihood of their inhabitants. However, the region is at the forefront of climate change and is struggling to control illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing practices. The EU is working with regional agencies, local authorities and NGOs for their economic, social and environmental benefit.
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    4 June 2021
  15. Culture in Mali

    La culture ne cède pas au COVID-19 au Mali

    A l’heure où l’humanité compte près d’1 million de morts du COVID-19, un monde retient son souffle, c’est celui de la culture. Les salles de cinémas, de spectacles, de théâtres ainsi que les musées, les opéras et les festivals restent fermés. Les acteurs culturels, intermittents du spectacle et professionnels du secteur naviguent entre désarroi, résilience, et développement de solutions innovantes pour éviter la disparition totale. Comme une sonnerie de glas, le monde fut assommé par les douze coups de la COVID-19. Aucun secteur économique n’est épargné par les différentes mesures érigées depuis le début de la pandémie au Mali.
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    21 May 2021
  16. Culture in Mali

    Malians keep culture alive during the Covid-19 pandemic

    At a time when humanity has lost nearly one million people to COVID-19, one sector is holding its breath: culture. Cinemas, theatres, museums, opera houses and festivals remain closed. Artists, entertainment workers and industry professionals are caught between dismay and resilience while trying to create innovative solutions to prevent the complete disappearance of their industry. COVID-19 struck the world like a death knell, and no sector of Mali’s economy has been spared by the various measures imposed since the beginning of the pandemic.
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    20 May 2021
  17. Pride walk in Odisha

    Promoting LGBTIQ Rights in India

    In various parts of the world, LGBTIQ people experience serious rights violations and abuses. As of today, 70 States continue to criminalise same-sex consensual relationships. The COVID-19 crisis has only exacerbated such discrimination and violence against LGBTIQ people. The EU integrates LGBTIQ equality in its external policies by funding interventions and working with international and local partners around the world, including India.
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    14 May 2021
  18. Couverture médiatique de la COVID-19 en Afrique de l'Ouest : s'adapter et se réinventer

    Plus d'un an après son déclenchement, la pandémie de coronavirus continue de préoccuper la communauté internationale. Les journalistes et les médias ont été au cœur de cette pandémie pour informer leurs différents publics. Entre le risque d'exposition à la maladie et l'impossibilité de couverture médiatique sur le terrain, ainsi que les pressions psychologiques et économiques, les professionnels ont déployé des efforts d’imagination pour trouver des moyens ingénieux de faire leur travail. Ces expériences doivent être capitalisées pour le présent et l'avenir.
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    4 May 2021
  19. Media coverage of COVID-19 in West Africa: adapting and reinventing

    Over a year after its outbreak, the coronavirus pandemic continues to concern the international community. The media have been at the heart of this pandemic – informing their different audiences. Between the risk of exposure to the virus and the impossibility of media coverage on the ground, on top of psychological and economic pressure, professionals have had to use their imagination to find ingenious ways to do their job. These experiences need to be capitalised on, both for now and for the future.
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    3 May 2021
  20. De jeunes innovateurs construisent un avenir durable en Méditerranée

    Autour de la Méditerranée, une jeune génération développe des moyens durables pour aborder les défis économiques, en consolidant les coopérations. Le programme Dialogue Méditerranéen pour les Droits et l’Égalité a lancé l'initiative Innovateurs méditerranéens pour la solidarité pour soutenir des projets dans les pays arabes du pourtour méditerranéen.
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    27 April 2021
  21. Young innovators building a sustainable future in the Mediterranean

    A young generation in the Mediterranean is finding sustainable ways to mitigate economic challenges by consolidating cooperation. The EU-Programme Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality launched the "Mediterranean Innovators for Solidarity" initiative to support projects in Arab countries of the Mediterranean region.
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    22 April 2021
  22. Local heroes protecting the world’s biodiversity hotspots

    Small, local conservation organisations in high-biodiversity areas are among nature’s most powerful allies; this is mainly due to their knowledge of and influence over the environment. However, in most cases, these organisations lack sufficient funding to achieve their full potential. The EU and five other donors to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund are resourcing grants and technical assistance to enable long-term local conservation leadership and to nurture sustainable development.
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    15 April 2021
  23. SWM Programme

    Améliorer la préservation de la faune et la sécurité alimentaire avec les communautés locales

    Bien que les origines de la COVID-19 soient encore inconnues, la plupart des explications pointent vers une source animale. La transmission de maladies de l'animal à l'homme n'est pas rare, mais cette pandémie a intensifié le débat sur la consommation généralisée de viande d'animaux sauvages. L'UE cofinance une initiative internationale majeure visant à améliorer la préservation de la faune et la sécurité alimentaire.
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    6 April 2021
  24. Democratic Republic of the Congo cooking wild meat

    Improving wildlife conservation and food security with local communities

    While the origins of COVID-19 are still unknown, most explanations point to an animal source. Although the transmission of diseases from animals to humans is not uncommon, this pandemic has intensified the debate on the widespread consumption of wild meat. The EU is co-funding a major international initiative to improve wildlife conservation and food security.
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    30 March 2021
  25. Biodiversity Latin America

    Larger than Jaguars: Biodiversity protection in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Structural change is needed to overcome the unbalanced relationship of humankind with nature. The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized an urgent need to examine our footprint on ecosystems and avoid future pandemics of zoonotic origin. Solutions exist. The EU is funding numerous projects with integrated approaches which benefit both people and nature.
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    4 February 2021
  26. The Basic Education Quality and Access Programme (BEQUAL), Lao PDR

    Revitalising education for the COVID-19 generation

    Quality education plays an essential role in developing sustainable, equitable and resilient societies. More than being an objective in itself, education is also an enabler of equity, green communities, digital transformation, sustainable growth, migration mitigation and global peace and security.
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    29 January 2021
  27. New Year Wishes

    Thank you for being part of the Capacity4dev community.
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    15 December 2020
  28. Fighting ‘sextortion’ in Latin America

    Latin American countries are progressively incorporating a gender perspective into anti-corruption strategies. They are also developing specific tools to protect women and girls from gender-related violence. The European Union cooperation programme EUROsociAL+ is supporting this action through its initiative "Women and corruption".
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    8 December 2020