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  1. Lessons learnt from the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus approach

    In 2017, several European Union Delegations were asked to operationalise the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus to better navigate fragility, address roots of conflicts and adopt a new development approach. Three years later, Capacity4dev met with the Delegations in Nigeria and Myanmar to collect their experiences.
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    4 June 2020
  2. La programmation conjointe au Togo

    Dans les pas de la programmation conjointe au Togo

    Le Togo, l'un des plus petits pays d'Afrique, bordé par le Ghana, le Bénin et le Burkina Faso, a signé avec l'UE, avec l'Allemagne et la France, un document de programmation conjointe pour la période 2014-2020. Vincent Vire, chef de la coopération à la délégation européenne à Lomé, partage ici idées et enseignements tirés de ce mécanisme, dont il pense qu’il a : "renforcé la coopération européenne au développement et le dialogue politique ainsi que l'image d'une" voix collective "de l'UE."
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    4 May 2020
  3. Views from the Field: Q&A with Vincent Vire, EU Head of Cooperation in Togo

    Togo, one of Africa’s smallest counties, signed a joint programming document with the EU, Germany and France for the period 2014-2020. Vincent Vire shared insights and lessons learnt about this mechanism with Capacity4dev, which he said: reinforced European development cooperation and political dialogue, as well as the image of an EU 'collective voice'.
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    23 April 2020
  4. Two hands shaking

    Public and private sector representatives highlight benefits of public-private partnerships

    At the European Development Days 2019, Capacity4dev spoke to representatives of both the public and private sector to discuss public-private partnerships (PPPs). During the European event - designed to encourage the sharing of experiences and ideas, and the building of new partnerships and solutions to global problems - industry experts explained how public-private dialogue are improving the overall investment climate and benefitting communities in Africa and Colombia through job creation, clean water, energy and increased stability.
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    29 November 2019
  5. 3 pairs of jeans compose the recycle sign

    Increased transparency will make fashion industry more sustainable, say sector representatives

    At the European Development Days (EDD) 2019, Capacity4dev spoke to representatives from the fashion industry to find out what the next steps are for ethical fashion, and the challenges and opportunities that will come with them. Representatives from both industrial associations and the private sector explained to us that increasing transparency and traceability will foster sustainable practices in the industry.
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    8 November 2019