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26 May 2009

Wojciech LubowieckiEuropeAid's new open platform for more effective technical cooperation aims at becoming an indispensable tool for development practitioners, says Wojciech Lubowiecki, head of the editorial team of the platform, in this welcome note.

 Welcome to !

EuropeAid, the implementing arm of the development policy of the European Commission, has launched, a knowledge management platform which forms a central component in the implementation of the Backbone Strategy. The "Backbone" - as we call it for short - is a common name for the reform of Technical Cooperation.

Our ambition is to facilitate development of the capacity building process by offering you new possibilities for advanced interactivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. The platform will offer dedicated spaces for internal exchanges amongst the practitioners and will enable a dialogue with national partners and other stakeholders, including the EU Member States, other donors, academia and civil society. We aim to fill in the communication gaps between the headquarters in Brussels and the EU delegations, and between the delegations themselves. 

The platform will provide high value content and resources, including news, editorials, interviews, guidance and tools, practical tips, as well as case studies based on innovative practices and so on. The initial focus will be on six selected topics (see the section "About") and will include the latest developments in implementation of the Backbone Strategy.

The success of depends on your active participation. We would like to find out about your experiences; we are keen to learn about your bright ideas and your favourite resources. We are also counting on your comments about the things you find useful or lacking, especially during the launching phase. We would like to use any teething problems to improve the platform and make it fit for its purpose.

We very much hope will shortly become not just a useful tool, but an indispensable one in your daily work on development.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided in the interests of knowledge sharing and capacity development and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission, or any other organisation.

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