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31 January 2011

Do you have a story to tell, a project you'd like to highlight? If so, here are some simple but effective knowledge sharing ideas.

As a member of you are part of a 2,500-strong community of development professionals. We'd like remind our members that they are invited to contribute their case studies, lessons learned or share details about a notable project with colleagues and other development professionals online, here at

Sharing your ideas doesn't have to involve writing a long report. A picture can tell a thousand words, so why not combine photographs and a simple voice narrative to make a multi-media presentation?

Here's an example made by Gloria Jaconelli, who uses photographs and a commentary to make a video diary of her time at the EU Development Days hosted in Brussels last month.



Many development practitioners in the field have hosts of photographs of their projects. Use them to tell and show readers more about them. Here's another example, this time prepared with the cooperation of the EU Delegation to Nigeria:



Of course, preparing a multi-media like these takes time. But there are solutions available for all kinds of users. If you have access to a webcam and internet connection, why not make a simple presentation that can be uploaded to YouTube? While widely used programmes like powerpoint now offer voiceover capability making it ever easier to tell a story with pictures.

Similarly, Commission colleagues are also encouraged to dig out older project evaluations and project reports, scan them, and post them on Even very old documents, if they have relevant insights, are a valuable part of the Commission’s institutional memory. The best way to safeguard this memory is for EC staff to file documents on the internal CRIS database.

Investment in knowledge sharing is the beginning of a virtuous circle and the returns dependent on your colleagues doing the same.

The Editorial Team are keen to help you share your experience. Contact us to find a solution that suits you


DISCLAIMER: This information is provided in the interests of knowledge sharing and capacity development and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission, or any other organisation.

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