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An Online Training on the Logical Framework Approach

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21 April 2011

A new online training course on Logical Framework Approach is a valuable first step towards greater use of online learning tools, according to PCM trainer Saskia Van Crugten.

Through a short introductory video, online challenges and multiple choice question and answers, the distance learning package offered participants sound grounding in elementary aspects of Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach.

The best aspects of the course, according to Ms Van Crugten, was the introductory video and the real case exercises, which provided an overview of the entire course and the chance for participants to build and design their own log frame matrix – providing essential grounding in understanding the tool which is the basis for the European Commission’s project management and monitoring.

“Giving the participants chance to design and build their own log frame matrix, in their own time, gave them a valuable understanding of how the tool works that they don’t perhaps get in a group learning environment,” said Ms Van Crugten. To see the video element of the course, click on the icon below:



Participants also welcomed the ease with which they could sign up for the course, as high demand has meant that EC staff often have to wait many months to be accepted on face-to-face learning courses.

Project Cycle Management is a process of understanding and managing the activities that bring about clearly specified objectives within a defined budget and is essential understanding for any EC staffer.

While the online training course had its benefits it was not without fault, according to Ms Van Crugten, who would like to see future courses use more live chat and video elements to keep the pace of the training lively and personable.

“I feel participants were quite isolated,” Ms Van Crugten said. “Time in a class with a trainer is a treat – learning with just a computer needs to engage in other ways, by making the training more like a game.”


DISCLAIMER: This information is provided in the interests of knowledge sharing and capacity development and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission, or any other organisation.


GCP, OMD, DTA... why do we need to keep special abbreviations in FR? (already in English they are confusing enough)!

Dear Saskia Van Crugten, I would like to get a hold of the training materials to use for delivering a training session for civil servants in Central Asia. Can you post instructions on how one may obtain these? Thank you.


I am interested in taking the online LFA training. Can you please tell me how I can register for it.



I have trouble locating the online training on LFA. Can someone please guide me how to access information on this training, including registration procedure.


Barry Malyar

Anyone could help me to find the course?

Thanks in advance


Hi Borja,

The training is currently under revision we will upload the materials of the updated version once finalised,

Thank you and regards,


Dear all,

Is this training available somewhere online?



Dear Kasia,

You can check our e-learning offer here:

In addition, I would also suggest you to visit the learning portal of Learn4dev, a network of bilateral and multilateral organisations (including EuropeAid), working in the development sector:



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