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Milestone documents in the preparation of the Backbone Strategy

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9 July 2009

The preparation of the Backbone Strategy included comprehensive consultations with EC Delegations and EU Member States. Different reviews of on the different procedures used when providing technical cooperation were also prepared.

1. Court of Auditors Report on "The effectiveness of TA in the context of capacity development"

2. Delegations survey

A questionnaire has been sent to the 46 Delegations members of the Aid Effectiveness Network. We have received back 36 questionnaires.

3. EU consultation

One of the components of the preparation of the Backbone Strategy is to promote harmonisation and coordination with Member States. A review of Donors policies and guidance has been developed: Review of Donor Agencies Policies and Guidelines on TC and PIUs. A meeting with EU Member States was organized by AIDCO on the 6th of December 2007. See related documents:

4. Review of procedures on TC & PIU

5. Desk review of cases documentation

6. Twinning

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