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The Backbone Strategy: What, Who, Where?

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9 July 2009

The Backbone Strategy on "Reforming Technical Co-operation and Project Implementation Units" is an ambitious and comprehensive reform, launched in July 2008, to overhaul the Technical Cooperation (TC) funded by the EC. It includes "hardware" changes to  systems and tools, and "software" changes to the practices and behaviour of all EC cooperation stakeholders.

What are the core documents? Who is who in the EC technical cooperation reform? What communication tools are available for you? What is the state of the TC reform on the ground? Find out the answer to all these questions and much more...

Core documents and new work plan

The EC technical cooperation reform is supported by a series of core documents. Amongst others, these include the ‘Backbone Strategy on Reforming TC and PIUs', the ‘Guidelines on Making Technical Cooperation More Effective' as well as the ‘Toolkit for Capacity Development'. Read them here.

Who is Who in the EC Technical Cooperation Reform?

The implementation of the Backbone Strategy is supported by "Core Teams" at Headquarters and in EC Delegations, as well as a Steering Committee chaired by Koos Richelle, Director General of EuropeAid. Find out who is who in the TC reform here.

Communicating on the TC Reform: What Resources are Available for You?

You may at some point have to present and communicate on the technical cooperation reform. A series of communication tools are available to help you. Your feedback is welcome! Find out more here.

Country Support and TC Learning Events

 Interested in getting support to pursue Technical Cooperation reform in practice? Take advantage of the wide range of learning opportunities that are available for you. Find out more here.

Technical Cooperation Mapping

As part of the Backbone Strategy, EC Delegations have screened ongoing and forthcoming technical cooperation operations and PIUs against key quality criteria. A mapping grid has been sent to Headquarters by Delegations at the end of January 2009. A consolidated picture of technical cooperation emerged from this exercise showing the diversity of situations major challenges for quality improvements. This section is accessible to EC staff only. Find out more here.

Technical Cooperation Reform: News from the Ground

The Backbone Strategy takes different forms depending on the country context. EC Delegations play a leading role, with Headquarters support, in the dialogue with partners about technical cooperation. Read here news from the ground extracted from mission reports and other briefs. This section is accessible to EC staff only.

Internal Meetings Minutes and Working Documents

Access here internal documents related to EC technical cooperation reform such as minutes of the Steering Committee meetings, working tools, reports, etc. This section is accessible to EC staff only.

Milestone Documents in the Preparation of the Backbone Strategy

The preparation of the Backbone Strategy included comprehensive consultations with EC Delegations and EU Member States. Different reviews of on the different procedures used when providing technical cooperation were also prepared. See the documents here.



DISCLAIMER: This information is provided in the interests of knowledge sharing and capacity development and should not be interpreted as the official view of the European Commission, or any other organisation.

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