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New Study on Climate Technology Transfer Needs in Latin America and the EU

The CELA project has just published a transnational study assessing current climate technology transfer needs in four Latin American countries and two European countries. The qualitative study aimed at understanding and appropriately assessing the kinds of technological and information needs in Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru as well as in Estonia and Germany. The CELA partners, led by the Universidad Galileo, Guatemala, interviewed decision-makers from science, businesses as well as government and non-governmental organizations. The central findings provided a rather bleak pictures: While there seemed to be a consensus that climate change should be a priority, neither the will nor the resources are in place to manage potential future challenges. The levels of awareness of potential impacts differ between Latin America and Europe suggesting a substantial need for more and better information as Latin America is expected to be severely impacted by climate change and climate variability but Europe is generally less exposed to adverse impacts, or can better adapt due to a higher level of overall adaptive capacity and awareness of future challenges.

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Franziska Wolf
5 October 2012

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