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Component 3 - Transport

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Iliyana Arnaudova14 November 2014


Mobile sources of pollution are responsible for more than 80% of air pollution in Partner Countries’ capital cities, making tranpsort a cornerstone in the efforts to tackle air pollution issues in these countries. Thus, the third Component of the Air-Q-Gov project focuses on the introduction of a variety of instruments to reduce transport emissions in the Partner Countries. The intitial stage of the project involved the preparation of a Concordance table of national and EU legistation in the transport sector followed by the development of recommendations for convergence of such national legislation with EU norms. Later a baseline emission inventory for pollutants and greenhouse gases from transport emissions was developed using COPERT 4 software. Trainings for the use of this software were also provided to the national and local authorities with the aim of utilising COPERT 4 to improve existing transport strategies and help mainstream environmental requirements into strategic documents.

The project has also undertaken a study which reviewed European and world practicies involving economic instruments to promote sustainable development.

The project aims to assist the countries with the development of national and/or municipal transport strategies, especially through the implementation of national pilot project activities. In this context specific legislation and/or regulations were developed and tailored to the requirements of individual and/or groups of countries. Number of workshops were devoted to the development of emission projections at the national level and urban pollution modelling at the municipal level. The project supported the Partner Countries though preparation of a handbook for municipal decision makers which contains the developed economic instruments as practical tools for the mitigation of transport pollution in the wider context of sustainable development.

To increase the operation capacities in the partner countries, a specific pilot project has been launched with a goal of implementing parts of the Integrated Air Pollution Forecasting and Management System ‘THOR’ ina pilot city in each of the Partner Countries.

The main activities under Component 3 were:

- Legal framework and Standards (3.1)

- Develop Emission Inventories in Transportation Sector (3.2)

- Introduction of transport-planning tools (3.3)

- Introduction of Economic instruments to Reduce Transport-related Emissions (3.4)

- Support of policies and measures in the field of sustainable mobility policies and national planning (3.5)



Задача 3.1Законодательная и нормативно-правовая базы

Задача 3.2Введение в средства планирования транспорта

Задача 3.3Представление инструментов планирования в транспорте

Задача 3.4Введение в экономические механизмы снижения выбросов от транспорта

Задача 3.5Оказание поддержки в разработке национальных и муниципальных транспортных стратегий


The Reports produced under this task were:

Task 3.1.1 + 3.2.1 Component 3 Country Profiles - Transport EN

Task 3.1.1 + 3.2.1 Component 3 Краткая характеристика транспортного сектора стран RU

Task 3.1.2 + 3.1.3 Component 3 Concordance Table of National and EU Legislation and Recommendations in Transport to Harmonize National Legislation EN

Task 3.1.2 + 3.1.3 Component 3 Таблица соответствия нац. законодательства и зак. ЕС в области транспорта, а также рекомендации по адаптации национального зак. RU

Task 3.1.2 + 3.1.3 Component 3 Report 3.1.2 + 3.1.3 Review of transport related emission standards in EU and in the world concordance EN

Task 3.1.2 + 3.1.3 Component 3 Обзор стандартов, связанных с транспортом в ЕС и мире RU

Task 3.3.1 Component 3 Review of Transport Planning tools EN

Task 3.3.1 Component 3 Обзор средств планирования транспорта RU

Task 3.4.1 Component 3 Review of economic instruments and best practices of transport management EN

Task 3.4.1 Component 3 Review of economic instruments and best practices of transport management RU

Task 3.4.2 Component 3 Handbook - Economic instruments EN

Task 3.4.2 Component 3 Handbook - Economic instruments RU

Task 3.5.1 Component 3 Introduction to the CIVITAS Network EN

Task 3.5.2 + 3.5.3 Component 3 Devt of a tool for env assessment of different policies in the transport strategies EN

Task 3.5.2 + 3.5.3 Component 3 Devt of a tool for env assessment of different policies in the transport strategies RU

Task 3.5.4 Information on Task 3.5.4 - Support public events, campaigns EN

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