Our framework aims to help communities to function more effectively and efficiently in dealing with development challenges. The framework consist of 3 areas:


1. People: who are involved in community development (local managers, active volunteers and community members)

2. Platform: an online space for capacity building, interactions and knowledge sharing

3. Program: covers offline activities such as workshops, trainings and events




We have created the Development Aid Support Mechanism which consists of the new online StayConnecteD4Dev cloud platform, and offline Field Development Support in order to empower our members, our active volunteers and local communities, help them to establish their own initiatives, to create income generating activities, to access to a job, to engage in education, health, public awareness campaigns, and government programs.


Online learning and interaction between our members and our active volunteers contributes to their capacity building, engagement and provides them with information on development issues, sustainable development practices, and lessons learned. Active volunteers benefit from the online cloud platform in their work under the offline Field Development Support network, which consists of door-to-door engagements, awareness campaigns and interviews between them and local communities not connected to the cloud platform.


Our proposed interventions are based on the premise that communities are motivated and act on their own initiative, and that they have the capacity to change themselves. Mentors motivate and coach these communities to understand and to take action through an approach that appreciates their motivations and strengths, and which fosters local ownership.  To this end, we apply Pivotal Response Training (PRT) approaches embedded in our Development Aid Support Mechanism.

Mentors accompany a community according to the guidelines of the Development Aid Support Mechanism through an approach that is termed CME² (Coach, Motivate, Educate and Engage). CME² employs motivation training and facilitated conversations to elicit community strengths, increase self-motivation, self-awareness, and stimulate self-confidence and action. Our mission is to facilitate sustainable human development processes through which communities are motivated to understand, plan, set and achieve their personal and common Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Visit our official website: http://www.knowledgefordevelopmentwithoutborders.org

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10 March 2019

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