Did you hear about our hybrid solution to promote capacity building focused on knowledge of the SDGs, social empowerment and development?


Did you hear that there are over 3 million people not in employment, education or training (NEETS) in South Africa, etc (see: comment). KFDWB is looking for potential business partnerships, funders,  sponsors, investors  to provide high level quality development Training program and practices in the local language and official language on a cloud platform within it development  support framework. The project   is called the "Chance is Everywhere". The project aims to providing development Training program and practices in the local language and official language on a  cloud platform for  the mass unemployed people, fresh graduated, disabilities people,  students and other people across Sub-saharan African Countries (e.g. 1500 trained people per year).


After completing the online training program they will engage then on the field mentorship step which consists to assist them  to intend  practices in vocational training centres, or  to deliver face to face trainings, seminars, workshops, researches or documentations at their local communities/districts on how they can organize themselves to alleviate locally the issues related to the training topic or escalated the issues by the local official representative or recorded the issues in a coordinated central database to find a sustainable solution in their respective communities.

The training package is more focused on income generating activities, job skills update, and the access to the job on the labor market (i.e. agriculture and rural development, production, building and construction, health care, child care,  leadership, workplace technology, environmental technology,  social Entrepreneurship, Understanding the SDGs to measure and address development outcomes,  ICT, Sale, Construction (e.g. bricklaying, carpentry and joinery, plumbing, electrical installation, welding and fabrication), Small engine mechanics and other income generating activities related training.). 

In addition, Mentors accompany the trained people to start their own small business. As result of the knowledge and skills they acquire from the training, they can serve as a role model to income generating activties development in their district. The training is driven by local industry needs and entrepreneurship they are expected to be.

The training  includes the following steps:

1.) Assessment & recruitment
2.) Online training
3.) Practices training in a vocational training center (it depends on the training topics)
4.) Coaching/Assistance by an experienced Mentor/Trainer to the participants to get a job or start their own small business.
5.) An available interconnection platform (StayConnecteD4Dev) where participants or non-participants will access to the training materials,  exchange about jobs opportunity, about how to start own small business and
share development issues and best practices that they are experienced  in their local community.                 

The Training will also focus on girl child education, educate girls on leadership, and how to be assertive, boost their self-esteem, make decisions and provide constructive criticism.

The training will give them the skills to negotiate with male counterparts and encourage them on women leadership career positively. In addition, the training  will also tackle the issues of youth illegal immigration in Sub-Saharan African countries. KFDWB believes that the chance is everywhere, and Young people can get a good life in their home countries if they really want, and engage.

The documentation of our ongoing trainings can be viewed or downloaded here.

Please visit our official website: http://www.knowledgefordevelopmentwithoutborders.org/


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29 July 2019

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