Can the SDGs really leave No One behind?


I have just called my "illiterate" mother some days ago, and asked  her if she has some information, knowledge via mobile phone, TV, internet, face to face discussion, friends or relations visit about the ongoing actions and efforts on SDGs. Unfortunately she said know.  I am certain that there are millions people like my mother who has no idea about the ongoing efforts on SDGs. (i have just called my illerate mother)


I think that there is a need to reach, to mobilize and engage the most vulnerable in the SDGs processes if we want really to achieve the world we want in 2030.

The poor people ( the most vulnerable groups) are ready to collaborate and to help

They just need the right assistances and guides to contribute right in matters that affect their lives. 

Good observation I think that should be one of the pillars of SDGs because looking back at the MDGs this to me seems one of the shortfall, it's not enough to just come and put a structure or signpost with the logo of MDG people should be better informed so they can support the drive, because people should be given the opportunity to contribute in matters that affect their lives, Mr Taye Lucas

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10 March 2019

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