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Amouzou Bedi posted news 16 May 2017
We can not do it without you!
Amouzou Bedi created a new WIKI page 15 February 2017

The internet and its applications provide a wide range of benefits to everyone.
Feel free to receive more information about the benefits of our training here:

7 February 2017 to 9 February 2017
in (Kenya)
Organised byKnowledge for Development without Borders

Trainees should be able after the 3 training modules to us computer  for
research (job advertisements, information concerning SDGs, free online
courses, health, legal, Women's rights, climate change, peace, addresses,
institutions, companies etc.). In addition Trainees should be able to write,
send and receive e-mail. After completing the training participants can join
our Community of Practices where they will have access to the Training 
materials  and  gain  more  knowledge  on  ICT  and  explore 
other  development

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Amouzou Bedi uploaded a new Document 25 October 2016

The opportunities that social media can offers tosmall and media size businesses in developing countries are enormous.

Amouzou Bedi created a new WIKI page 1 October 2016
10 October 2016 to 14 October 2016
in Vienna (Austria)
Organised byKnowledge Cities World Summit 2016

*Knowledge* represents an *indispensable asset* to individuals, enterprises
and governments alike devoted to the cause of *human advancement*. The
*Knowledge for Development Community* is at the forefront of a movement that
seeks to boost international development by making the best use of the
plethora of knowledge and creativity available to societies around the world.

Amouzou Bedi posted news 5 February 2015