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  1. Project: Development Aid Support Mechanism

    Knowledge has an important role to play in addressing development issues, but this requires access to information as well as the availability of relevant and useful knowledge. Knowledge is central to sustainable development. Knowledge is essential for survival and sustainability. Better information...
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  2. KFDWB

    https://www.facebook.com/K4DWB/photos/a.352725054891403/1145889195574981/?type=3&theater Official Website: http://knowledgefordevelopmentwithoutborders.org/
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  3. Update KFDWB

    Update KFDWB: https://mailchi.mp/d205f852e576/update-kfdwb Our Website: http://knowledgefordevelopmentwithoutborders.org
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  4. The creation and operation of a regional academy in west Africa

    We are looking for potential joined effort partners, donors, supporters and fans for the creation and operation of our regional academy in west Africa. Click on the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1867C7mFbzacU6NpL4q9kVg0siX2BOlSp/view?u... to access to the Elevator pitch. Please...
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  5. Together against radicalisation

    Click on here to learn more. We could not separate our activiy of the promotion of the knowledge and skills for development to the prevention of violent extremist and radicalisation. We think that these topics are interconnected. Therefore, in addition to our core activity which consists to train...
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  6. Our Program

    Click on here to access to our program Access to ICT skills and knowledge that promote local and global sustainable development is our chore. We believe that in this 21st century, human sustainable development requires public access to information, communication and technology. ICT skills and...
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  7. information About Knowledge for development withoutborders

    About Us Who we are: We want to advocate knowledge and skills for development worldwide. We are a Nonpartisan, Independent international NGO that promotes and supports the access to information, knowledge and skills for development to everyone without barriers. Knowledge for Development without...
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  8. informtion about KFDWB

    We can not do it without you! See more here We are actively looking for partners and supporters range from Ministries of Education and Training, TVET institutions, Higher Education and Research, Science, Technology and Innovation, and Youth, donors, civil society organizations, private sector...
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