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Mohmmad Shariful Alam posted news 18 August 2015

Do you have a plan to start a nonprofit? Although starting a nonprofit is similar to starting any kind of business, but starting a nonprofit is an exciting entrepreneurial attempt. You will also need government’s obligation to follow.

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D posted news 10 June 2015


Cross Sector Collaboration between Corporates and Goodwill Social Work Centre, Madurai, India: Our Experiences

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D posted news 10 June 2015

Goodwill Social Work Centre, Madurai,India, a Non-Governmental organisation registered under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1975 and FCRA Act 1976,Government of India has been involved in providing a wide spectrum of services to children,youth,adults in dysf

Amouzou Bedi posted news 22 April 2015


Amouzou Bedi posted news 3 December 2014

Empowering local Citizen so that they know their roles, responsibilities, and engagements in the achievement of the MDGs and the forthcoming SDGs.

Amouzou Bedi posted news 6 September 2014

Give the implemented projects and strategies the local people or they go on demand over? Anyone struggling with the problems and where there may already promising solutions. Who needs to speak with whom to advance an idea?