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Amouzou Bedi11 June 2015



We are connecting the Unconnected (people who do not have access to internet and/or development information) and Connected (people who have access to Internet and/or development information) to Development Matters (climate change, cybercrime, youth unemployment, youth violent extremism, terrorism, illegal migration, education, jobs,  gender equality and  citizens’ roles in SDGs etc.) for actions. In brief we cover development issues and best practices in line with the SDGs.


We are increasing public awareness. Our programme intensifies the communications in sharing challenges,  and, best practices development stories of citizens acting in their communities, and, most importantly, making social development goals simple and relevant every day, to development acteurs. It is really amazing...



the things we can achieve when we build an environment that allows for others to explore their abilities and create awareness aboutDevelopment matters for self-affirmation, engagement and solidarity, involving them in meaningful activities to tackle local, regional and international development issues.

Our Programme will not be successful without adequate support (financial support, infrastructures, Volunteers, Experts & Partners around the world). K4DWB needs adequate funding, collaboration and cooperation if it is to achieve the objectives that have been set. Much needs to be done to get funding…

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