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Ethics of ICT in Sustainable Development

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Amouzou Bedi20 August 2015


Connecting the unconnected to development resources (education resources, ICT tools, information, knowledge, skills to demand accountability, inputs, availability, financial capacity, and technical capacity,  social facilitation etc.).


ICT tools have the potential to create opportunities for development in rural and remote regions in a range of areas, such as the supply of new production inputs and processes, the creation of new services, the improvement of communication flows, and the empowerment of local people...

 E.g. Smart Mobile Phone Solutions and online applications are changing the way we are communicating, learning and teaching.

Connecting the most vulnerable (people who have the greatest need) to these available development tools, and, help them to use these tools efficient for their own well-being is an absolute Value. A Value that demands: reaching, connecting, educating, empowering, motivation, capacity-building, and, raising awareness on the availability of these technologies.

Development tools could not connect themselves to the users. The users need to connect to these precious tools. Even connected users need the required skills and guidance for the exploitation.

The ignorance on the availability, the lack of guidance, and capacity to exploit well these  ICT tools, devices and infrastructuresfor local development handicaps massive sustainable development efforts...

Connecting the most vulnerable to these potential ICT tools, devices and infrastructuresis a crucial first step to make poor people benefit of these tools.  Information or data collection  for sustainable development requires a first step which is raising  awareness on these goals as well as on  the driver and enabler tools– Click on the following link to visit our field development support program.

Reaching, educating, empowering, connecting, encouraging, and raising awareness on the advantage of efficient use of the available ICT tools, devices and infrastructures is another development challenge post-2015.

We are contributing to close this gap while designing a project named: Reach, connect, educate, empower and raise awareness on the efficient use of ICT  tools in sustainable development post-2015.
















To reach the world we want in 2030 there is a seriously need to connecting the unconnected to development resources (education resources, ICT4Development tools, information, knowledge, skills, social facilitation, accountability, inputs etc.)

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