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ICT training for girls in rural area in Cameroon


Knowledge for Development without Borders (KFDWB) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2014 and based in Vienna, Austria. Our efforts to support sustainable development progress are broad and diverse, but a core element of all our efforts is to work closely with civil society, international development agencies, universities, and local communities to meet urgent local needs as well as to empower local citizens to know, understand, secure and enforce their roles, responsibilities, and engagements for the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - in order to create a better world – a world of economic and social justice.

The mission of Knowledge for Development without Borders is to share relevant knowledge in order to build skills needed to alleviate development issues at a community level. We motivate people on the ground to express their individual needs and the needs of their communities, and to get actively involved in developing solutions. We raise awareness on local development issues and we identify the best development practices specific to each community and their locality in an effort to resolve these issues once and for all.

We have created the Development Aid Support Mechanism, which consists of a new developed online StayConnecteD4Dev cloud platform in cooperation with IBM Austria GmbH, and offline Field Development Support in order to empower our members, our active volunteers and local communities, help them to establish their own initiatives to engage in education, health, public awareness campaigns, and government programs.

StayConnecteD4Dev: Community Learning Center that already brings together over 1000 civil society organizations, individuals and activists from around the world is a cloud-based solution to promote education, Peace, measurement of impacts, advocacy skills, capacity building focused on knowledge of the SDGs, social empowerment and development worldwide.

It seeks to host, manage, share, and disseminate relevant knowledge in the local and official education languages of the communities using our platform, and to facilitate Entrepreneurship and SME Management Training, job skills training, connections and networking between individuals and groups dedicated to sustainable development.


The internet can provide a wide range of benefits to the user, but it requires specific skills and knowledge to use internet devices effectively for Sustainable Development Goals.

This means that people who lack the skills and understanding are unable to use right these devices for research (job advertisements, information concerning SDGs, free online courses, health, legal, Women's rights, climate change, peace, addresses, institutions, companies etc.).


The focus of the training is to equip young girls with basic ICT skills and as a result making them agents of development who will continue to educate other children in the communities.  

 After the three modules, trainees should be able after the 3 training modules to us computer for research (job advertisements, information concerning SDGs, free online courses, health, legal, Women's rights, climate change, peace, addresses, institutions, companies etc.). In addition Trainees should be able to write, send and receive e-mail. After completing the training participants can join our Community of Practices where they will have access to the training materials and gain more knowledge on ICT and explore other development.

The training briefing can be downloaded on the following link:

Training Coordinator: Etame Rosemary Etoh
Implementing Organization: Smart Women Initiative for Development Association (SWIDA) Cameroon

Organization Contact:

The report can be downloaded or viewed here



ICT training for girls in rural area in Cameroon

The objective of this 3 days training is to encourage young girls in our community or Cameroon to be able to continue their learning through internet (online) on their own pace and apply knowledge gained in rural development that contribute to the nation's economical development. The report can be...
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