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  1. Natural Resources Management Chapter of the GMES & Africa Action Plan (EN)pdf-icon.png | (FR)
  2. Draft 1 (Pre-WS) - Long Term Natural Resources Management Chapter of GMES&Africa Action Plan (EN)pdf-icon.png | (FR)
  3. Draft 0 (original) - Long Term Natural Resources Management Chapter of GMES&Africa Action Plan (EN)pdf-icon.png | (FR)pdf-icon.png | (PT)pdf-icon.png
  4. Output Guideline to Marine & Coastal Areas WS and Working Groupspdf-icon.png
       A) Proceedings of WG1 - Non renewable natural resources
       B) Proceedings of WG2 - Land and Forest Resources
       C) Proceedings of WG3 - Biodiversity Conservation
  1. Chronology of Comments - GMES & Africa Baseline Studypdf-icon.png
  2. Africa Mining Vision - Feb 2009pdf-icon.png
  3. Summary Baseline Study (GMES & Africa Action Plan)pdf-icon.png
  4. Africa Progress Report 2013 - "Equity in Extractives: Stewarding Africa's natural resources for all" (EN)pdf-icon.png | (FR)pdf-icon.png
  5. Africa Economic Outlook 2013
  1. Hambani Masheleni / The GMES & Africa Initiativepdf-icon.png
  2. Ana Morgado / The BRAGMA FP7 Project - Supporting GMES & Africapdf-icon.png
  3. Jolly Wasambo / Contribution of AMESD/MESA to GMES and Africapdf-icon.png
  4. Luc André / Improving the extractive industries in DRC, the PROMINES Projectpdf-icon.png
  5. Hans van der Kwast / A spatial decision support system for integrated natural resources managementpdf-icon.png
  6. Peter Zeil / GMES services for Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligernce for regional Crises - the case of natural resource exploitationpdf-icon.png
  7. André Nonguierma / Long Term Natural Resources Management Baseline Studypdf-icon.png
  8. Hannah Jaenicke & André Bassolé / Consultation process, Cross Cutting issues, Gapspdf-icon.png
  9. Session 5 - Next stepspdf-icon.png



Dear colleagues,
The GMES & Africa Action Plan chapter on Long term management of natural resources (see is one of the background technical documents to be further reviewed during the preparations for the upcoming workshop in Sharm-el-Sheikh 25-26 June 2013.
As you know, this document is still a work in progress. We have had valuable inputs and suggestions by the Scientific Committee, which were worked into the present pre-WS version and we now appreciate your expert contributions towards this process. We very much appreciate any comments on the document as well as on the on-going GMES and Africa Planning Progress. If you know of on-going activities that may relate to long term NRM in GMES and Africa please let us know. Please also consult the relevant national agencies in your countries, so that your contributions reflect the views of these agencies as well. In addition, we suggest that your contributions should also reflect regional needs and issues relevant for trans boundary management of water resources.
If there is anything else relevant that does come to your mind, please let us know or post them here.
After the workshop, we will incorporate the contributions from both the workshop and online discussion forum and prepare the chapter for official validation.
We look forward to meeting you in Sharm-el-Sheikh on 25 and 26 June.
With best wishes,
Hannah Jaenicke and André Bassolé

Many thanks to Andre Bassole and Hannah Jaenicke for suggesting discussion of trasboundary water management. The theme is very crucial nowadayes for the Nile basin countries and Nile basin initiatives and agreements especially with respect to ongoing projects and projects being proposed. Mamdouh Abdeen (NARSS, Egypt)

Dear Hannah Jaenicke and André Bassolé (consultants), Scientific and Organizing Committee, Colleagues. First of all, I would like to congratulate you all for the very successful workshop held in Sharm El-Sheikh on Long Term Management of Africa Natural Resources. Discussion have been enthusiastic and very fruitful. Recommendations that have come up will strengthen that chapter. We look forward for further comments and recommendations especially with respect to current debate on trans-boundary water resources (e.g. Nile basin).
I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all participants and to the organizing committee especially, Islam Abu El-Magd, Anna Morgado and Jenifer Rodrigues. I hope that all enjoyed the scenic views at Sharm El-Sheikh and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Best regards to all.
Mamdouh Abdeen

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