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GMES and Africa Water Resources Management (chapter source document - in word format)

Dear all,

this document is one of the background technical documents to be further reviewed during the preparations for the upcoming workshop. However, this document is also still a work in progress, like being currently under review by the Scientific Committee. We would appreciate also your contributions towards this process as preparation to the workshop. As such we would of course already appreciate any comments on the document, the on-going GMES and Africa Planning (baseline) Progress, on-going other activities that may relate to the process and so on. We kindly request you to consult the relevant national agencies so that your contributions reflect the views of these agencies as well. In addition, we suggest that your contributions should also reflect regional needs and issues relevant for trans boundary management of water resources.

If there is anything else relevant that does come to your mind, please let us know or post them at:

Prior to the workshop, but not later than 08 May a more consolidated document will be posted here which will be further elaborated upon during the workshop.  After the workshop, the intention is to have Dominic and I oversee the final changes and editing of the chapter before it goes into official validation.

But before we are at that stage we will first try to bring the issues, comments and suggestions which are being raised here up for further discussion on the 14th and 15th of May during the workshop in Abuja.

Very much looking forward to meeting you all there.

Regards, Ben Maathuis

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Ben Maathuis
23 April 2013

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