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Finalists announcement for the CSP Today US Awards 2011

With thousands of online votes, the  Concentrated Solar Thermal industry has selected its favourites to win the highly priced CSP TODAY USA AWARD

All the finalists will be assessed by the Panel  of Judges of the CSP Today Awards who are long term industry experts: David Kearney from Kearny Associates, Mark Mehos from NREL, Tom Mancini from Sandia Labs, Tex Wilkins from the DoE CSP program, Gilbert Cohen from Eliasol and Ken Anderson from Cogentrix.

The finalist companies are:

Commercialized Technology Innovation of the year

  • Heliofocus
  • Torresol
  • BrightSource Energy

Increased dispatchability Solution of the year

  • SolarReserve for Crescent Dunes
  • Solar Trust of America for Blythe
  • NexEra for FPL Martin Next Generation

Newcomer of the year

  • Wilson Solar Power
  • Gossamer Space Frames
  • EnviroMission

Best CSP Integration of the year

  • BrightSource Energy
  • Siemens STE
  • NextEra Energy

CSP Technological Suppliers of the year

  • Siemens
  • SkyFuel

CSP Engineering Firm of the year

  • Eliasol Energy
  • Abener
  • Flagsol

EPC Contractor of the Year

  • Bechtel
  • Fluor
  • Lauren

Most effective Environmental Stewardship of the year

  • Abengoa for Solana
  • Solar Reserve for Crescent Dunes
  • Solar Trust of America for Blythe

About CSP Today

CSP Today is the leading business intelligence, news and events company focused exclusively on the concentrated solar thermal power industry. For more information please visit

For information about the CSP TODAY USA 2011 please visit

Contact details:

Max Crompton
Marketing Manager
CSP Today
UK Phone +44 207 3757156

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25 May 2011

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