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20 October 2015 to 23 October 2015
in Lagos (Nigeria)
Organised byAfrica Hub, the Basel Convention Coordinating Center (BCCC) and the Secretariat of Basel/Rotterdam/Stockholm.

It seeks to train national officials from 30 African countries who are
responsible and/or involved in the e-waste management process at the national
level, specifically in the issued related to the Basel Convention.  

It resulted in the identification of common goals and activities that the
Africa Hub would undertake with ECCOWAS, BCCR Nigeria, Senegal and South
Africa. It also resulted in the formulation of  concrete recommendations on
e- waste. 

3 November 2015 to 4 November 2015
in (Suriname)
Organised byCaribbean Hub in co-operation with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative
15 March 2016 to 17 March 2016
in Nairobi (Kenya)
Organised byUNEP

The objective of the workshop is to help participants understand issues
related to legal preparedness and options for dealing with synergies among
the biodiversity MEAs while finalizing the NBSAPs. The overview presentation
will outline the agenda and expected outcomes.