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11 October 2016 to 13 October 2016
in Georgetown (Guyana)
Organised byCARICOM Secretariat

The Workshop is intended to help CARICOM negotiators prepare for effective
participation in the negotiations at CBD COP-13, including negotiations
related to the Second Meeting of the Parties to the Nagoya Protocol and the
EightMeeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol. 

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The Policy Brief presents the main activities of the African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development (AMESD) Program and the EC-ACP Capacity Building Program on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs Program) and determines how AMESD services and products can be used to r

2 March 2015 to 6 March 2015
in (Vanuatu)
Organised bySPREP

The Pacific hub worked with the Melanesian Spearhead Group and Climate change
officials to mainstream proposals on Green economy projects and
implementation of the Samoa Pathway (SIDS) in Vanuatu, March 2-6th. The event
was attended by 26 participants.  

9 July 2015 to 11 July 2015
in (Fiji)
Organised bySPREP

The Pacific hub has supported Pacific Island Countries developing consistent
positions in particular supporting conservation (CBD, CMS) at the Pacific
Island Round Table annual meeting (Fiji July 9-11, 42 participants form each
sub region, USP and NGOs including IUCN. 

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11 August 2014 to 15 August 2014
in Nadi (Fiji)
Organised bySPREP

Joint MEA's workshop was held to harmonize and coordinate the work of these
three MEAs in the region with the ultimate goal of reducing the
administrative burden on Pacific Island countries that are Parties to these
three Conventions. ABS supported at this workshop.

2 November 2014 to 7 November 2014
in Bangkok (Thailand)
Organised byAfrica Hub

The Africa Hub provided 3 technical experts on policy, legal and economic
matters to the African Group of Negotiators (AGN) on Mercury to reinforce
their negotiation capacity during INC 6 at Bangkok, Thailand from 2-7
November 2014. Participants from all Member States of the AU attended. The
Pre-COP meeting and other consultations held by the experts and AGNs resulted
in refined common position and better negotiation strategy for Africa. Report
and recommendations from the meeting showed a better prepared AGN and a
better strategy for negotiations and a proposal for sustainable negotiation
technique for Africa from one of the experts. Participants from all AU Member
States called for continuous support of the same nature from the AUC.

17 September 2014 to 20 September 2014
in Nadi (Fiji)
Organised byConvention on Migratory Species (Secretariat)

The objective of the workshop was manifold, including the preparation of the
pacific region for effective participation in COP 11, improved negotiation
involvement and strengthened regional viewpoints. The workshop was also the
occasion to introduce training tools (esp. the CMS Family Manual), improve
the visibility of the region during the COP11 and increasing the membership
of Pacific countries to the CMS & other instruments (Sharks, Pacific
Cetaceans MoUs). 

In terms of results, the activity enhanced regional capacity for CMS
implementation activities and promoted regional implementation and support
mechanisms in the Pacific. The establishment of informal working groups on
improving implementation and ecological networks across the region (examples
of sharks and rays, and turtles and seabirds) was also a milestone.

17 September 2014 to 19 September 2014
in Georgetown (Guyana)
Organised byCARICOM

To help Caribbean negotiators prepare for effective participation in
the negotiations at the 12th Meeting of the COP to the CBD.