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Anjana Varma31 May 2016

The objective of the FAO component is to strengthen regional and national institutional capacity for the synergistic implementation of the target MEA clusters (chemicals/wastes and biodiversity) in ACP countries. FAO assists participating countries to meet the goals of these MEAs through the following results:

  • Result 1 - Institutional capacity development in appropriate regional centres: Activities under Result 1 include establishing institutional arrangements and the administrative agreements with the implementing partners, developing and updating regional work plans (on a yearly basis) with the relevant regional organisations and country representative; and developing guidance, more specifically joint FAO-CBD Technical Guidance Documents on integrating agriculture into biodiversity.
  • Result 2 - Capacity development of national authorities and focal points: Activities under Result 2 focus on strengthening the legal framework for pesticide legislation and registration, developing tools (Pesticide Registration Toolkit), and providing trainings (e.g. Post graduate Diploma) to enhance the capacity of national authorities to better manage pesticides and implement the Rotterdam Convention.
  • Result 3 - Synergistic implementation of the target MEA clusters; Activities under Result 3 focus on mechanisms to share information and training to enhance the implementation of the chemical Conventions; and to identify linkages, enabling policies and instruments to promote synergies between agriculture/biodiversity-related instruments.
  • Result 4 - Field-based projects to implement MEAs pesticide related issues: Activities under Result 4 focus on extending support to countries to remediate contaminated sites and dispose their stock of obsolete pesticides in line with the Basel and Stockholm Conventions. These activities are funded through additional FAO-led projects and constitute part of the FAO contribution to the MEAs 2 project.
  • Result 5 - Field-based projects to implement MEAs on CBD: Activities under Result 5 support the integration of biodiversity management in the agricultural sector through field-based experiences.
  • Result 6 - Field-based projects to implement MEAs on Minamata Convention: Activities under Result 6 are carried out by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) to prepare four ACP countries in Africa for the ratification and implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. 

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