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Bringing the Minamata Convention to life

In a historic first in the fight to phase out mercury, countries gathered for the first ever Conference of Parties for the Minamata Convention (Minamata COP 1), held in Geneva in September 2017. At this platform, ACP MEAs programme partners and NGO network – the European Environmental Bureau / Zero...
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Building capacity to manage Invasive Alien Species (IAS) and supporting technical and scientific cooperation for the achievement of Aichi Biodiversity Target 9

Small Island Developing States of the Caribbean are particularly vulnerable to the ecological, economic and public health impacts of IAS, with rise in international trade, transportation and tourism in the region further compounding the risk. To address the need for greater capacity to tackle IAS,...
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    Many developing countries are unable to fulfil their obligations as signatories of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) because they lack capacity to address increasingly complex scientific and technical issues. Developing countries are facing a variety of obstacles, including inadequate...
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27 January 2015



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