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Outstanding potential of the Informal Economy for Development: Considerations and recommendations from RNSF workshop in Lima

Pierre Berman posted Information | 1 day ago

The RNSF project aims at studying IE phenomenon and developing best practices and successful experiences to support the action of sectorial operators such as government, CSO, and international organizations.

Silvia Damian commented on an event | 2 days ago

Economists for SDGs



Would you mind uploading the agenda of this even event and the list of speakers?


Thank you.

DEAR Projects: Achievement & Impact 2018 report

Sandra Oliveira posted news | 2 days ago
Programme: DEAR

A new report has been published: an overview study providing information about and an analysis of Development Education & Awareness Raising (DEAR) projects supported by the European Commission.  It gives information about grant supported projects following the 2013 and the 2016 Calls for Prop