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Lucy Maarse commented on information | 55 minutes ago

EDF - ACP: Possible funding for gender analysis and related activities

Dear Martina,

In the Sudan setting such funding would be much appreciated. Which steps should one undertake to access the fund? I could for instance advice national organisations to apply whereby I could advice them on the proposal where reelvant. 

Thank you.

With friendly...

EDF - ACP: Possible funding for gender analysis and related activities

Martina Nuti posted Information | 2 hours ago

In the framework of the EDF support expenditures, the Delegation Service Facility (CRIS 39978) is a programme aiming at supporting EU Delegations in ACP countries to improve the quality of EU external aid and the implementation of the 11th EDF through studies, coaching, trainings, consultancy ser

High-level Event to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the VGGT - main messages from Rome

Milena Pirolli updated the Information | 21 hours ago

“Millions of people around the globe depend on farmland, fisheries and forests for their livelihoods. But the increasing pressures on our precious natural resources carry multiple social, economic and environmental threats.

Towards Inclusion: A guide for organisations and practioners

Sander Schot uploaded a new Document | 22 hours ago

Dear Capacity4Development members,

Budget Support explained in 1 minute & 18 seconds

Xavier Le Mounier updated the Information | 1 day ago

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