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Centuries of tradition and know-how, handed down from generation to generation, give European food its own authentic flavour. The wide variety of soils, climates, and cultures in Europe is reflected in the unique range of food and drinks that consumers all over the world can enjoy. The European Union ensures that products maintain their unique character and are as true to their consumer as they are to their producers.


European food is about more than taste. There are strict health and safety standards in place all along the supply chain – from the field to the market – covering everything from pesticides to packaging. This means that consumers are protected and can enjoy European food products with peace of mind.


The high quality of European food and drinks is guaranteed by the stringent production standards and quality controls that are in place from farm to fork. This quality is reinforced by best farming practice, cutting-edge production procedures, processing methods and standards, and the know-how gained over centuries of food production. Some particular aspects of the high quality of European food and drink is attested by a number of special labels. But don’t only take our word for it – taste Europe for yourself!

In Focus


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26.10 - 30.11.2022

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