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Chocolate has played a key role in relations between Mexico and Europe for centuries, and no gastronomic voyage would be complete without experiencing the range of chocolate and other confectionery that Europe has to offer.

Often associated with fetes and celebrations, every country in the European Union has its own special confectionery or baked good that is considered to be an inalienable and authentic part of the local cultural heritage. When taken all together, this wide variety of baked goods and chocolate confections means that Europe is a veritable cornucopia of confectionery, with something to offer even to the most discerning sweet tooth.

Chocolate and chocolate products

On behalf of all Europeans, we thank you for chocolate! Originally brought over from Mexico, Europe has made chocolate its own and chocolate has a special place in the hearts of Europeans. The range of chocolate and chocolate products produced in Europe is awe inspiring. From the fine confections crafted by Belgian chocolatiers to chocolates produced in South Tyrol inspired by the original Aztec Xocolatl recipe, Europe offers an amazing voyage of discovery for chocolate lovers.

Thanks to EU rules governing cocoa and chocolate products, consumers can be assured that their favourite chocolate bar is not only tasty, it is made with top quality ingredients.

Chocolate and chocolate productsChocolate and chocolate products

Biscuits, cakes and pastries

Europe also offers a wide choice of biscuits, cakes and baked goods. As with other foodstuffs, European baked goods benefit from stringent EU quality standards. Why not try Nürnberger Lebkuchen (PGI), which were first baked by Frankonian monks as early as the 14th century. You can continue your sweet discovery of Europe’s baked goods with Ottijiet, a rich, spiced shortbread biscuit from Malta, or gingerbread Perníčky from the Czech Republic, which are lightly flavoured with anise.

Cakes also occupy a special place in the hearts of Europeans, and most celebrations and holidays would not be complete without their own special cake. From Scandinavia to Spain, from Ireland to Greece, Europe offers a dizzying range of delicious cakes and pastries to suit every taste. Some examples include Black Forest Cake from Germany, Sachertorte from Austria, Pastel de Nata custard tarts from Portugal, and Bublanina cake from Slovakia - a light, fluffy coffee cake filled with fruit.

Biscuits, cakes and pastriesBiscuits, cakes and pastries

Sweets and candies

From hard candies to fruit pastilles, sweets have the power to transport people back to their childhood. Start a sweet journey around Europe with Salmiakki liquorice from Finland and continue by exploring variety of sweets and candies that the 27 countries of the European Union have to offer. What all European sweets and candies have in common is their high level of consumer protection, guaranteed by EU rules on flavourings and ingredients.

Sweet, sensuous, safe

Thanks to the EU’s strict labelling requirements, consumers are informed on the sugar content and presence of allergens in all of the confectionery and other EU products that they consume. There are also many low-sugar confectionery options available, so while enjoying Europe’s confectionery will always be a delight, it doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. Consumers can explore the sweet flavours of Europe, confident in the knowledge that every high-quality ingredient meets the EU’s strict safety standards.