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Beers, wines & spirits

With food, with family, or with friends – classic high-quality beers, wines and spirits from the EU will add a taste of Europe to any occasion.

Europe is divided into three distinct regions – a wine belt that stretches across the Mediterranean and edges into Central Europe, a beer belt that travels from Central Europe to Ireland, and a spirit belt that stretches north from Poland into Scandinavia and Finland. By no means rigidly defined, these different alcohol-making traditions overlap across the EU. Whatever the occasion, Europe has an astonishing range of beers, wines, spirits and liqueurs that can turn any meal or celebration into a true voyage of discovery.

Beer: hoppy goodness from the heart of Europe

"He was a wise man who invented beer," said the philosopher Plato. Europeans tend to agree, and there are currently over 8,500 breweries in Europe producing 80 different beer styles, from pilsner to bitter and from ale to porter. With 50,000 different beer brands to choose from in a range of styles, flavours, colours, tastes, strengths and aromas, a taste trip around the beers of Europe could last for a lifetime.

In total, 22 EU beers have their origins and traditional recipes protected by the EU and eight of these are covered in the EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement, such as Českobudějovické pivo (PGI), which has been brewed in the Czech city of Ceské Budejovice since the 13th century. This slightly bitter beer would be ideal when paired with spicy Mexican chorizo. Or why not try one of the many German beers, which are famous around the world and enjoyed by millions of beer lovers. These beers are perfect when accompanied by some salty tortilla chips.

Beer: hoppy goodness from the heart of EuropeBeer: hoppy goodness from the heart of Europe

For something a little more exotic, try a Kaimiškas Jovarų alus (PGI) from Lithuania, this naturally-fermented beer has caramel and fruit tones, and natural honey can also be added during the brewing process. Or try a dark porter from Ireland, a malty Weißbier wheat beer from Germany, or a Trappist beer - one of the many top-quality beers brewed in Belgium. Whether GI protected or not, Europe has a wide selection of interesting and tasty beers, ales and porters just waiting to be explored.

Wine: a tour through Europe’s vineyards

Red, white, rosé or sparkling, wines from Europe can help make any occasion special. Of the 1731 European wines that have PDO and PGI protections, 150 are covered in the EU-Mexico FTA, offering a wide choice to the most discerning Mexican oenologist. Whatever your preference, you will find something to delight you among the wines of Europe.

Having Albóndigas for dinner this evening? Accompanying them with a dry French Burgundy (PDO) will take them to the next level. Or why not try a cool white Kremstal (PDO) from Austria along with Dzik de Pescado, or another favourite fish recipe.

The list of world-famous wines from France, Italy and Spain is long, but a European wine tasting would not be complete without taking in some of the other top-quality wines that Europe has to offer, such as Vinho Verde from Portugal, Riesling from Germany or Fetească Neagră wines from Romania. And what special celebration is complete without a glass of bubbly Cava (PDO), Prosecco (PDO), or Champagne (PDO)?

Wine: a tour through Europe’s vineyardsWine: a tour through Europe’s vineyards

Spirits: the distilled essence of Europe

Just like beer and wine – Europe has a wide selection to offer the spirit connoisseur. From Swedish aquavit (PGI), Polish vodka and Irish whisky (PGI) to Dutch Advocaat or Riga Black Balsam from Latvia, spirits represent the diverse tastes of Europe, distilled in a bottle.

As an aperitif before a meal, a ‘digestif’ afterwards or just a drink to sip and enjoy in its own right or in a cocktail, the varied subtle flavours of Europe’s spirits and liqueurs are a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered.

A tradition of quality and excellence

The high-quality raw materials that go into Europe’s beers can be traced from farm to brewery and this, combined with the stringent health and safety standards that underpin production, serves as a guarantee of excellence. What’s more, Europe’s brewers have voluntarily committed to providing consumers with a list of ingredients and nutrition information in full accordance with EU law, so beer lovers know exactly what they are getting.

EU wines are divided into two quality categories - table wines and the higher-level Quality Wines Produced in Specified Regions, many of which are protected by PDO and PGI labels, serving as a guarantee of their authenticity and quality. For spirits too, the EU provides a common legislative framework for their production and labelling and the protection of geographical indications, so that consumers can enjoy them in the knowledge that they have been produced to the highest quality and safety standards.

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