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European wines delight B2B experts

17 Nov 2022

B2B’s Mexican representatives learned about European Union’s singular wines 

On November 17th, members of the HoReCa and the B2B sectors enjoyed wonderful wines and their exquisite pairings during our third and final Food Lab of the campaign A Trip to Europe in every bite hosted by chef ambassador Mariana Orozco and sommelier Pilar Meré. Jorge Peydro Aznar, Minister Counsellor of Trade and Economic Affairs from the EU Delegation, also joined us for this exclusive event.  

In this one-of-a-kind event, guests had the opportunity to taste wines from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, France, Germany, Greece and Italy. Chef Mariana and sommelier Pilar shared with guests the stories behind the production processes of each wine, the properties of the grapes and the regions where they come from. Sommelier Pilar went on to tell the audience about the commercial opportunities these wines represent for members of the B2B and HoReCa sectors; while chef Mariana taught guests about the many possibilities these wines have with different pairings starring European ingredients, of course. During this evening, Minister Counsellor of Trade and Economic Affairs from the EU delegation, Jorge Peydro Aznar, explained to the invitees the added value of establishing trade relations with EU producers of agri-food products. He also solved any questions guests had about this subject. 

The event ended after a networking moment where both guests and hosts had the chance to exchange their knowledge about wine category and reinforced the relevance of establishing commercial relations with the European Union. This moment was accompanied by canapés made with ingredients from Germany, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands and Spain ideated by Chef Mariana and a unique selection of wines Austria, Croatia, France, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain. 

Please enjoy pictures from this event below.  

If you would like to remember the many events A Trip to Europe in Every Bite had during our stay at Mexico, we recommend you to visit us @bocadosdeuropa.