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Discover the unique flavors of European Extra Virgin Olive Oil

03 Nov 2022

From the fruity extra virgin olive oil of Portugal to the green and fresh Slovenian Istra extra virgin olive oil (PDO), the European Union (EU) produces a wide variety of extra virgin olive oils that cater to all palates. Like every food and beverages the EU produces, these delicious products are made with the highest quality standards that respect both tradition and embrace technology to create a product that is safe and authentic.  

Please follow our expert, @alanxelmundo while he discovers the meticulous production processes of this delicacy in Slovenia and Cyprus.  

We invite you to immerse yourself in the thorough certification process that gives Slovenian Istra extra virgin olive oil (PDO) its organic label. The quality control involves taking samples of the soil and leaves from the olive trees, and constant monitoring to prevent plagues or diseases, among other interesting steps.  

Did you know that some European extra virgin olive oil producers follow a unique process that consists of pressing the olives in cold temperatures with stones from mills? We invite you to learn more about it in the following video.  

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