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Akdeniz Ucuncu Goz Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 31/12/2020
Location Mersin, Turkey
Organisation topics
Environment and climate change
Inclusion topics

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Description of the organisation

Our City, Mersin has a population of 1 million and %80 of the habitants are immigrants from east of Turkey. Many young people immigrated to our city to find a better life and job. Due to lack of public training centres, less number of youth NGOs many youngsters are unaware of Youth in Action Programme and volunteerism. To let the youngsters know about EU, youth programmes and volunteerism we will take an active role and we want to send youngsters with less opportunities to EU organizations. We have been hosting and coordinating organization for 26 volunteers with fewer opportunities from Europe and Tunisia since January within 'Heal the World Through EVS I,II,III and want to carry on EVS group projects in the future in order to spread this type of knowledge among local youths and international arena, and We believe that we have managed to make both the local youths and volunteers from abroad gain different knowledge about environment and EVS and interact upon each other and We still have a lot to do in our future projects. We created a cleaning Kazanlı beach project with our members and volunteers on 4th of March with the name 'Clean the Kazanlı Beach in 1 Day' with the support of local Municipalities(Akdeniz and Toroslar), Soda&Kromsan factories, Akasma Recycling Factory and shopping centre Forum.There has been attendance to this event not only from the organization that we mentioned but also students from different schools that we had visited with our volunteers and performed a mini theatre show about environment and how to protect the turtles from extinction.

Contact details
Organisation name Akdeniz Ucuncu Goz Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi
Street Cumhuriyet Blv. Sağlık Ocağı Binası Kat:2 Kazanlı-Akdeniz
Postal code TR33281
Town/city Mersin
Country Turkey
Email address
Website www.3rdeyemed.com
Telephone number +903243263312 - +905423821350
Fax number +903243263312

Last update: 04/04/2014