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European Youth Portal

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Äänekosken kaupunki, nuorisopalvelut

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 31/07/2014
Location ÄÄNEKOSKI, Finland
Organisation topics
European awareness
Youth leisure
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Äänekoski is located in the middle of the most beautiful part of Finland, on the shores of crystal clear lake Keitele. The town has about 20 000 residents. You can find additional information about our services at www.aanekoski/matkailijalle.
The closest big city is Jyväskylä (140 000 residents) located about 45 kilometers from Äänekoski. In Jyväskylä there is a railway station and airport. From Äänekoski there is a bus connection to Jyväskylä (45 minutes duration).

EVS volunteer will work as part of our team in youth services. It means working with our youth workers at youth centers, youth workshop and youth information center. Volunteer will have possibility to compose and arrange clubs and events for youngsters. We hope that EVS would also do some co-operation with local elementary school and high school.

We are looking for active and positive person aged 20 - 25. We appreciate if volunteer has some special skills and experience in different kind of activities that can be used in work with youngsters.

Motivation and EVS experience

We are very motivated to participate in EVS, as Host Organisation, Sending Organisation and Coordinating Organisation. We have had earlier 4 EVS volunteers.

Description of the organisation

The main mission for Youth Department in City of Äänekoski is to produce qualified welfare-services to the young. The emphases are young people's participation, voluntarity and their own wish and need to do, noticing also healthy undoing.
The main methods at youth work are local services, preventive work, social reinforcement and offering meaningful and safe activities to the young. Special youth work includes detective youthwork.

Äänekoski Youth Services offer aid to youth organisations and groups, free time activities, clubs, cultural activities, and local and global projects. The four youth centres at Äänekoski are meant to serve young and different organisations. Äänekoski has also opened one youth information spot, which offers information services for young people.

Our target group is youngsters from age 12 to 28. We have ~10 employees, mostly youth workers.

Contact details
Organisation name Äänekosken kaupunki, nuorisopalvelut
Street Kotakennääntie 21
Postal code 44100
Country Finland
Email address miin@aanekoski.fi
Website www.aanekoski.fi
Telephone number +358 20 632 32 30
Fax number 020 632 2005

Last update: 13/01/2014