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Abdullah Gül University

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 30/09/2016
Location KAYSERİ, Turkey
Organisation topics
Youth policies
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

The project environment in which the volunteers realize their voluntary services is Kayseri, in a brand new University. Kayseri is a medium-sized, economically vibrant city in central Turkey, 320 km south-east of Ankara. At the same time, Kayseri is the name of a Turkish province of which the city of Kayseri is the capital. The city, which has a population of approximately 1.1m, is located on a high plain, some 1000m above sea level, at the foot of the extinct volcano Mount Erciyes (3916 m).

Kayseri is renowned for its culinary specialties such as mantı, pastırma and sucuk, the city is also rich in historical monuments (dating especially from the Seljuk period). While it is generally visited en route to the international tourist attractions of Cappadocia, Kayseri has many visitor's attractions by its own right, including Seljuk and Ottoman era monuments in and around the center of the city. Just outside the city, Mount Erciyes is a major trekking and alpinism destination. Other attractions in provincial Kayseri include the Zamantı River, which is a center for rafting, and the historic sites of Kültepe, Ağırnas, Talas and Develi to name just a few.

Kayseri also known as being the center of commerce since millennial. All even goes back to Hitit and Assyrian times.

Kayseri is well served by transport connections, including air travel through Erkilet International Airport.

University has good collaboration among public institutions (Municipality, NGO's and Businessman Associations, etc)

AGU has just established a youth work structure, which is unique with its approach, within the University. Our aim is to involve young people in the core of our structure. Therefore, one of our main step is to have EVS in our team and establish long term international cooperation within the youth structure.

Volunteer will work in this structure, which we call "Youth Factory". We aim to empower youth workers and youth work at local, national and international level.

The proposed program of the project for volunteers is based on various activities:

- to promote YiA programs and EVS program itself by writing articles on our youth magazine, website, blog

- to join university social activities with our students to work on info and promotion desks in Kayseri centre and surroundings to promote youth opportunities.

- to take part in the social responsibility courses with other students to improve trainers skill and social competences and take photos or shoot videos from preparation period in order to make a film to introduce EVS Project and Youth Factory in the future

- to work in the University Youth Factory Office with other volunteers and youngsters.

- to work in the city with other NGO' s especially with Eurodesk Local Relay to develop cooperation.

- to support us in "social responsibility courses" and youth information.

- to support us Networking

- to support our work in EU institutions (SALTO Euromed Youth RC and CoE) such as acting as a support person in organizing international events, trainings and seminars.

- office work related to youth information such as blog writing, social media follow up, youth newsletter design

Our teaching language is English. Courses are open to the volunteer as well for her/his personal development.

AGU Youth team is quite experienced and know the spirit of EVS well. The legal representative is an expert of EU youth programs,The contact person is an expert and trainer in the youth field, have already worked as a trainer and coordinator at Action 2 Volunteer will be mentored by an EU Youth Program trainer and expert, outside of the University. Moreover, there will be a buddy from the University students that will accompany the volunteer. Besides, All academic and administrative staff speaks English.

Our volunteer will have his/her place within the University student guest house. Accommodation of volunteers will be in the campus close to our office. Fully furnished.

Our main office will be within the University premises, and all the University infrastructure and services will be available. All social activities in the university will be at her/his service free of charge.

Volunteer will have her/his own desk and PC in the office with Internet connection.

Turkish language support will be given by the foreign languages department.

The volunteers will have buddies who speaks good level of English and accompany volunteers upon arrival. They will be taken to an orientation program, shown basic places in Kayseri, etc.

Mentors and EVS coordinator will be reachable for 24 hours in case of emergency situation.

Accommodation of volunteers will be in the campus close to our office. Fully furnished.

Campus security will be 24 hours available.

AGU established a Youth team which is quite experienced and know the spirit of EVS well. The legal representative is an expert of EU youth programs,The contact person is an expert and trainer in the youth field, have already worked as a trainer and coordinator at Action 2 Volunteer will be mentored by an EU Youth Program trainer and expert, outside of the University. This team will evaluate all applications in the committee.

The profile for the volunteer that we are looking for;

We do believe that our project would be beneficiary to the ones who are interested in youth work, willing to be a youth trainer and enthusiastic to inform other young people about youth opportunities. Volunteer will have chance to work with the municipality, AGU foundation, Eurodesk Local Relay as well. Therefore, communication skills plays an important role.

Have a sense of humor

Open to inter cultural environment and eager to learn other cultures

Our project structure is open and flexible for the volunteer's contribution and new ideas.

Social media tools will be actively used.

An interactive web page, online platform on evs and youth will be used to inform young people.

A youth team within the Youth Factory will select the volunteer

There will be info days on EVS, so its better for the volunteer to be able to talk about her/his experiences and EVS.

We want to host volunteers, who are open minded and good communication skills and who have motivation to learn and ready to challenge him/herself during the service. Team work is very important for us and expected volunteers must be ready to work in a multicultural environment too.

Number of volunteers hosted:

While hosting/coordinating we take the responsibility for raising awareness of risk assessment, risk prevention and support within the EVS program during the project period We will hold all necessary personal information and emergency contact details for each volunteer. Volunteers will be given advice on crisis prevention and management during pre-departure orientation and on-arrival preparation.

We will provide the volunteer with 24 hour emergency phone numbers and will provide the training on health and safety regulation in the beginning of the EVS project. The volunteer training on safety regulations will cover the following issues:

- conflict management in the workplace and outside of it;

- the procedure of using the working equipment;

- the procedure of using the first aid tools and equipment available in the working place in the case of the emergency situation and unexpected injuries in the working place;

- the information about the institutions dealing with health support and help in emergency situations; In order to prevent conflict situations we have planed the following actions:

Volunteer will have;

Project Legal Representative; who is experienced in EU Youth programmes

Contact Person; is an experienced youth trainer, coordinated successfully an EVS project since 2004 and got an award from the European Commission for EVS.

Mentor; who is experienced youth trainer and expert, the mentors will act as mediators during the entire project period;

Buddy; a young student from the university that will be a friend for the volunteer

The volunteers will have buddies who speaks good level of English and accompany volunteers upon arrival. They will be taken to an orientation program, shown basic places in Kayseri.

Mentors and EVS coordinator will be reachable for 24 hours in case of emergency situation.

Accommodation of volunteers will be in the campus close to our office.

Campus security will be 24 hours available.

--The number of volunteers to hosted at the same time : 2

Motivation and EVS experience

In this Knowledge Age, at a time when higher education is going through fundamental change, AGU is being established as a research university which will play a leading role in shaping future trends and developments. AGU offers research and educational facilities in a pleasant environment where young people can build their future, independently, in safety and secure in a sense of belonging. Supporting its students, graduates, employees and other constituents in their individual growth, AGU is a University for the next generation.

The vision of AGU is to be recognized internationally as a university where original insights of value to humanity are gained and shared in a liberal climate of autonomous action and professional pride. AGU aims for its learners, through research and enterprise, to use knowledge and innovation for the benefit of all members of both their own and the wider community; the AGU community is guided by its adopted values of: scholarship, authenticity, humanity, universality, commitment to ethical standards, team spirit, environmental concern, transparency, innovation, international-mindedness, solution orientation, concern for quality, enterprise, social responsibility, equal opportunity and engagement.

To achieve our mission, after long discussions and search conferences, we decided to put "Youth" in the core of our university. Different from other Universities, AGU defines itself as a "third generation" University, puts emphasize to "social impact" with its rich educational and research background. AGU also has two offices one in Istanbul and the other one is in Ankara.

Kayseri has 4 Universities with 50.000 young people and high schools with its 80.000 youngsters and also involving all young people at 15 - 29 age, Kayseri has totally 320.000 young people. Although Kayseri has %25 of its population young, it has a weak record on youth work and youth projects.

Seeing the need and the potential, we decided to focus and position ourselves directly on youth work. First of all we involved well know youth trainers in our team and started to work with other Universities working on youth. Upon team building, we aim to establish a local initiative together youth field at local level and enhance it with international cooperation which we have just started such as SALTO - EuroMed Youth Resource Center and Council of Europe to contribute in the policy making.

Our team is experienced and coordinated various EVS projects successfully before. Therefore, we decided to start with EVS into youth field.

Description of the organisation

AGU is the first state university in Turkey to have, as part of its constitution, legal provision for support by a foundation whose entire efforts are solely dedicated to the work of the University. AGU has set itself the aim of attracting brilliant faculty members and the brightest students. All the academic work of the University will be in English; all its programs will conform to international standards but at the same time they will bear the stamp of the university’s own character. Graduates of AGU will be typified by the ability to learn, to think, to research, to work in an interdisciplinary fashion, and to lead.

At AGU, proficiency in English is fundamental; part of the language preparation year’s studies for each student will take place in an English speaking country. Furthermore, English education will continue after students have started studying in their own faculty, playing an important part in the academic life of the student and in the social life of the campus.

In all academic programs, they will be practical elements as well as conscious attempts to connect theoretical knowledge with the real world; in this manner, the university will aim to produce not employment seekers but employees and even employers.

For those students who aspire to a more academic path, there will be significant opportunities to join research groups, even in their early undergraduate years. In this way AGU students will not only be exposed to high-quality teaching but will also benefit from opportunities to take part in research with academics from a range of disciplines to work both in their own field and in an inter-disciplinary fashion, while still undergraduates. Furthermore, the University places a strong emphasis on its postgraduate programs of research. Through the efforts of its academics experienced in national and international research projects, AGU aims to produce learning and knowledge which is of value to a wide range of stakeholders. It is one of AGU’s primary goals to work with industry particularly local industry to develop high-quality, and effective, projects in industrial R&D.

AGU, different from other academic institutions, put youth in the core of its design. Therefore, AGU focused on the youth work and established a youth structure within the university. This structure aims not only to serve to the students but also to the young people at local, national and international youth work. We have already started officially to cooperate with SALTO Euromed Youth Resource Centre and CoE. Our aim is to open a youth work certificate program in the near future.

Contact details
Organisation name Abdullah Gül University
Street Aşıkveysel Bulvarı, Erciyes Teknopark No :4/67-A Melikgazi
Postal code 38039
Town/city KAYSERİ
Country Turkey
Email address info@agu.edu.tr
Website www.agu.edu.tr
Telephone number +00903522248800
Fax number +00903523388828

Last update: 01/10/2013