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European Youth Portal

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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 07/08/2016
Location ADANA, Turkey
Organisation topics
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics
Health problems

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Situated in the middle of the Cukurova Plain (Cilician Plain), Adana is the fourth largest city of Turkey, nestled in the most fertile agricultural area of the whole country which is fed by the life giving waters of River Seyhan.University of Adana, called Cukurova University occupies foremost place among the other universities in the Country. It is sprawling over a very large area located at the shore of the Seyhan Dam Reservoir. Adana has at all the times been a center of attraction for its mild climate, fertile lands and ample natural resources. The city has, throughout its 8000-year history, been attracted by the peoples and the individuals who were not happy with the conditions they used to live in and therefore migration has registered itself to be a usual phenomenon. The same persists today. The city is still receiving a great number of migrants mostly from the rural areas of both the province and the country. It has one of the highest youth population in the country

The volunteer will have some different tasks:
" Support the young people in the organization who carry out some projects
" Inform young people about short-term & long-term exchanges in info meetings
" Organise a workshop per week to raise European awareness and youth policies
" Support the team to arrange some different kinds of local activities (like games, music, arts,….)
" Support team for organizing trainings, delivering by team
“ Collaborate with other NGOs and do activities together
" International youth work; activities for development of intercultural understanding and dialogue
" Help to promote new trends in sports
" Present his/her own culture in to the youth
Percentage of time given to each task:
% 20 trainings & office work
% 20 working with young people to arrange different kinds of local activities/support the youngsters who carry out some projects
% 20 short-term & long-term exchanges in info meetings
%10 organizing a workshop per week to inform youngsters up to their interests
% 10 international youth work
% 10 her/his own project
% 10 Language course and personal development activities

Our office are open 10:00- 19:00 Monday to Friday and 11:00 - 19:00 on weekends depending on the actual workload and the schedule of the volunteers. Volunteers will work 4-5 days a week and generally young people are coming after school time, we're expecting that volunteers will start working after 13:00 and generally in weekends. The working hours will be flexible depending on the season and projects.

The volunteers are not required to have any particular degree of formal education. We would like to host volunteers with positive, tolerant attitude, who are flexible and eager to learn about new cultures.The volunteers should be open-minded, interested and be open to very different peopleThe application should contain a letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae.No applicant will be discriminated because of origin, gender, disability, social status, religion or sexual preferences. If necessary, personal chats by phone will be held to make the final decision.

The volunteers are never working alone with and in groups for their own protection. The volunteers, both at work (project tutors) and outside (mentor) always have a contact for all problems and difficulties. They receive at the beginning of the voluntary service, a training that relates to issues of safety and behavior in difficult situations, and a folder with written instructions, rules, emergency phone numbers, a volunteer ID card with addresses and telephone numbers of the coordinating organization, insurance card, etc. The organization is located in the center of the city where the security and safety is ensured.

--The number of volunteers to hosted at the same time : 1

Motivation and EVS experience

We have worked with EVS as a tool for youth and organizations to increase European awareness. By informing youth, organizations and municipalities about the Youth in Action programme we hope that we can inspire and arouse curiosity for Europe.
We are very motivated to be a hosting organization and to coordinate the different projects in Adana and we see and understand the values of the cooperation between the organizations involved. ATODER is well aware of the criteria's of the EVS charter.
A volunteer would enrich our organization very much. It is always good for any
organization to have new perspectives brought in to the work. In the striving to be better we think that a volunteer would bring us new knowledge about issues like hosting foreigner groups. On the other hand, we also feel that we have a lot to teach such a person and all our work is based on tutoring and helping people to grow as a person and also professionally.
We have cooperated with different countries in Europe for a long time but never been involved in EU-funded projects. Our volunteers have visited and hosted students in other countries in different projects. Now we hope to receive one or two volunteer who can work with us at ATODER. It would mean a lot for our volunteers who are very interested in international cooperation. Having a person from another country working with us in the everyday life would increase the European dimension very much.

Two of our main aims are to foster openness and diversity. We try to include these aims in our daily life, within organization and during the free time activities. The cooperation with a young international volunteer can enhance and support these aims, as this would be a possibility to include a person with his/her own traditions, languages, points of views and background. This enables the possibility of an intercultural exchange in between the international volunteer and our pupils as well as our staff. We hope that this can be a contribution towards openness, acceptance and the promotion of intercultural learning. Additionally we hope that this also opens up new future perspectives for the youngsters visiting our institution, showing them that such a stay abroad and a voluntary service are a real option also for their lifes.

Description of the organisation

We have established our association on 2007 with Thalassemia patients and Thalassemia patients’ families. The purpose of the association is to fight with thalassemia and cell anemia patients, contribute to the formation of a healthy society, information between national and international organizations to make in consultation and awareness-raising activities. Thalassemia is the most common blood disorder in Turkey. At the same time, a hereditary disease which is the easiest to measure. There are 1.4 million thalassemia carriers in Turkey. 5 percent of the population of Adana is Thalassaemic patient and 10 of every 100 people with thalassemia carrier. Patients with thalassemia is considered as a 40% of disabled by the health ministry and they have to remain dependent on the hospital for life long. According to all this, patients with thalassaemia having problem with social entegration and they live their life withdrawn.

We are coming together with patients and trying to solve their problems. Our association is member of too many national and international Networks and platforms. Some of them are; THALASSAEMÄ°A INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION (TIF), DOÄzU AKDENÄ°Z SÄ°VÄ°L TOPLUM PLATFORMU(DASP), ADANA KENT KONSEYÄ° ENGELLÄ° MECLÄ°SÄ°. There are 153 people have membership to our association. Our members are consisting thalassaemia patients, thalassaemia patients’ family, business men and non-govermental workers. We are also a member of GAPGEÇ Festival. We have participated too many national and international meeting and workshops. Our some ex-activities are blood donation campaign, encouraging dinner and etc.

Contact details
Street Obalar Cad. Dağlıoğlu Mah. No:301 Kat:1 Seyhan
Postal code 01040
Town/city ADANA
Country Turkey
Email address evs@atoder.org.tr
Website www.atoder.com.tr
Telephone number 3223652272
Fax number

Last update: 07/08/2013