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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 07/08/2016
Location ADANA, Turkey
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

We are determined to be a host organization which provides a trustful and supportive environment for volunteers.Volunteers who especially are going to come for our cultural and art project, “International Gold Cacoos Culture, Art and Film festival are going to do their preparation in a historical building. Volunteers coming for the festival are going to live together with Adana people in an interaction with Adana culture. We prefer young volunteers who have been took part in festival organizations or have taken cinema education before. Volunteers coming for culture and art will be able to take part in Municipality theatre.
For this, our priviliege is for the volunteers who are interested in stage arts, costume design, dance, light, make-up acting and improvisation. They are going to be provided to take part in “13 Square Art Festival”. They are going to take part in activities for disabled people which are going to be organized in our disabled accomodation center.
They will be able to take part in Municipality Conservatory and Theatre activities according to their willing and skills.

As the foundation, we give 10 hours Turkish language course per week, organize cultural activities and give orientation.
1.They will provide contact with the guests coming for cultural and art activities from abroad.
2.They will take part in preparation activities according to their willing and skills.
3.If the volunteers take part in theatre, they will attend activities in stage arts, costume design, make-up, drawing, acting and improvisation.
Disabled volunteers will prefer the disabled volunteers who have quality to serve for disabled young people.
They will actively take part in activities in holiday village.

Volunteers will be chosen by a board of election according to their CVs and motivation letters. For the volunteers coming from abroad, volunteers who have have art, culture skills and sensitive about disabled people will be prefered.
For volunteers to be going to sent, they will generally chosen from disadvantaged area, having a low income, knowing second language in basic level and representing our country.

Volunteers will have health insurance.
They will stay at safe places. Security and healthy briefings related to cities will be given. Adana is a secure place. If volunteers encounter any undesirable case, security forces will help them when it is needed.

--The number of volunteers to hosted at the same time : 1

Motivation and EVS experience


Description of the organisation

Adana Metropolitan Municipality is Turkey’s fifth biggest municipality.Adana Municipality was founded in 1871, and took metropolitcan municipality statute in 1986 with 3306 law code. Having , 2.700 km2 in total, 5 central district( Seyhan, Çukurova, Yüreğir, Sarıçam, Karaisalı) and 63 forest village. Having 1.594.210 population, Adana Metropolitan Municipality has 18 departments and 1.821 personals are taking part in it. 273 of the personals have been graduated from a university. 194 of it is female. In Transportation department, 209 bus are working in 12 different lines. In total there are 420 drivers, 136 of them is female.
The fields which the institution is active;
-To protect environment, agriculture areas and water basin
-To plan and organize transportation in the city
-To prepare development plan
-To set up geography and city information system
-To carry out health, education and cultural services
- To provide coordination between central districts. For these fields, It works together with head department and managership.
Adana Metropolitan Municipality is having a big reponsiblity for technical education and skills courses.In 3308 Law code, together with Adana Commerce Chamber and Adana Builders Federation, Metropolitan Municipality organized an on-the-job-training to 875 workers working in construction sector and gave them certificates.Municipality is a member of United Cities and Local Goverments Middle East and West Asia Section(UCLG-MEWA) and Çukurova Municipalities Federation. With the last law, 13 more district municipalities within our city are in our reponsibility.
MISSON: To provide the best planned, fast, effective, fair and citizens focused service.
VISION: By pursuiting leader and pioneer position, to become a pattern municipality in Turkey and the World.
To service to everybody by being fair, honest and applying the laws.
To use public sources appropriate.
To be decided and brave to protect public rights.
To be clear and open to make decision, apply and activities.
To aim quality, sustainabilty and permanence in service.
To provide attendance to activities in citizens and municipality cooparation.
To work together with other institutions, foundations and non-govermental organizations in a coordination.
To give priority to the projects which are useful for the city in genaral.
To find solutions to the problems of the citizens quickly.

Contact details
Street Reşatbey Mahallesi Atatürk caddesi
Postal code 01120
Town/city ADANA
Country Turkey
Email address disiliskiler@adana.bel.tr
Website www.adana.bel.tr
Telephone number +00903224553121
Fax number

Last update: 07/08/2013