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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 29/11/2015
Location AYDIN, Turkey
Organisation topics
European awareness
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Health problems

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

It is the first time Adnan Menderes University is going to participate in EVS. Being the only Higher Education Institution in the Province of Aydin, and having almost 30,000 students in total; Adnan Menderes University feels responsible to give the students and the youth population an opportunity to participate in such International Activities.
Adnan Menderes University has also been playing an active role in Lifelong Learning – Erasmus Program since the Academic year 2004/2005. However, this program only appeals to the students registered at ADU, and the students are required to speak a foreign language to be able to take part in the program. That’s why the University also needs another way to guide willing citizens to be a part of such an experience.
It is not always sufficient to offer only one way of International Mobility to students. There are some students who cannot apply for a long term stay abroad, or who cannot meet all the requirements for application to Erasmus – which means missing the only opportunity for an experience abroad. However the flexibility of the duration and application requirements of the EVS is also another stimulus for ADU to apply for such a Program.
The volunteers whom ADU International Office would be eager to send abroad within the scope of EVS should be the ones who have already participated in a social responsibility project, or who show their interest in such voluntary activities. Once these criteria are also focused on, individuals with fewer abroad opportunities shall be considered.

Description of the organisation

Established in the year 1992, Adnan Menderes University is the only Higher Education Institution in the Province of Aydin. With its seven faculties and three schools (faculties of Agriculture, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Science and Arts, Veterinary Medicine; and the schools of Physical Education and Sports, Nursing, Tourism and Hotel Management), one State Conservatory; and sixteen vocational schools with associate degree – each of which is situated at a different district of Aydin; Adnan Menderes University has over 30000 students at associate, undergraduate and graduate degree programs in total.
The mission of Adnan Menderes University is: To bring up knowledgeable, ethical, rational, creative and productive individuals as graduates and researchers who embrace their social responsibility and follow the latest developments and current affairs in the world and who can determine and offer solutions for national and international issues and problems and who are followers of Atatürk’s principles; To create projects with the aim of creating solutions for national and universal problems and contributing to universal science and lead authentic research activities; To provide environmentally sensitive, reliable and fast services of high quality with the highest standards to meet the needs of our society.”
As the International Office of Adnan Menderes University, we mainly work on the EU – LLP - Erasmus Program for student and staff mobility. As already known, the students are requested to have sufficient knowledge of English and they need to have a certain GPA on their transcript in order to be eligible to apply for the program. The Office works on all the issues regarding both incoming and outgoing students and teaching staff. There are currently five full time coordinators of the program in the office. The ECTS & DS studies are also centered in the International Office. The office has a coordinating role on ECTS & DS studies. Apart from the Erasmus Program, the International Office works on the International Affairs of the University, in general. Bilateral Cooperation Protocols are coordinated and the process is followed by the Office coordinators.

Contact details
Postal code 09100
Town/city AYDIN
Country Turkey
Email address erasmus@adu.edu.tr
Website www.adu.edu.tr
Telephone number 00902562182037
Fax number

Last update: 29/11/2012