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AGRİDA TARIM VE TURİZM DERNEGİ-Agrida Agriculture & Tourism Association

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 27/07/2014
Location ÇANAKKALE, Turkey
Organisation topics
Urban/Rural development
Inclusion topics
Cultural differences
Health problems

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment

The project will take place in Cazgirler Village, where our association is located. The work will be performed in the village lodge and in the 75 acres of land owned by the association and members. Best practices will be followed. Newly invented techniques will be integrated with traditional way of Turkish villager agriculture, husbandry and farming. Volunteers will be able to gain access to the old school way of preserving food, processing food while learning bread baking, cheese, wine and paste producing. Learning various pasta creations. Also will work in Hydrosols, essential oils, mushroom picking, preserving and cooking. Planting, harvesting, storing of herbs, grains, vegetables and fruits. They will have a chance to work among 3500 fruit trees and wheat variety.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers

Friendly, hands on training, daily reasonable programming. Lecture and physical work will be balanced. Tours to the near historic and touristic sites for a better understanding of local life. Access to spiritual sessions like light body and meditation. They will exactly be a part of us. Act like us, think like us and work like us. They will enrich our cultural mosaic. We will learn from their experiences. We will help and assist them in their desired activity and programs. They will be working with us at the workshops and seminars. However main activity will be farming. Creating practical solutions.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process

As we are on our way to be a new member, we would like to ask your guidance on this matter. However, we will be more tempted to welcome ages above 18. we are expecting volunteers to be help on physical work. We would like them contribute in every step of daily life from cooking to nature walks and social media. We are a very transparent association. EVS may contact each and every volunteer whenever they require. We have phone, fax and wireless internet access that volunteers may use after the work hours. We value their continuous contact with their loved ones and families. We are planning to select an off day weekly for volunteers to spend with us or by themselves. We have zero tolerance for illegal drugs though. We are not aware of the types of Sending Organizations. Again we will go with your advice on this.

Number of volunteers hosted
The number of volunteers to hosted at the same time : 1

Risk prevention, protection and safety:

We will be with them every step of the way. They will all have our phone and contact details. We are in a small village and we will work together everyday except their personal off day or time. we have practices, rules and regulations to avoid any mishaps and accidents. We have an open door policy. And we have lived and worked all around the world. Being multi-cultural and multi-lingual will hinder many crises before they start. We will be living under the same roof daily. So minors will be under our supervision at all times.

Motivation and EVS experience

Per Agrida Association rules and regulations, performance is dedicated to the ecological tourism and ecological agriculture applications. Association does not pursue organic accreditation, however uses traditional agricultural methods with no chemicals. Assimilates information from all methods like Permaculture, good farming practices. Trains and educates the local farmers and village inhabitants. Acts as a catalyst for improving the value of the products of the village. Sets workshops like "Local production for local consummation to decrease the carbon foot print". Coordinated internationally to spread the practices and applications. works hands on with the local villagers to assist in improvement of their practices. This new membership will help us to broaden our horizon in accepting volunteers where we can learn and train in exchange. Knowledge will travel across the borders. It will help our inhabitants to be more receptive and feel accepted. We believe it will put our village in the map, thus will enable us help volunteers to get better acquainted with Turkish village and rural life while expanding their ecological experiences

Description of the organisation

ecological life, preserving earth resources, educating youth and villagers on traditional farming and agriculture. A group of people from various professions like medical doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. presently performing with a president, 35 members and local help. Accepts volunteers. The aim is to equip villagers with knowledge to market their values and products. To develop coordinations in and out of Turkey to spread the good agricultural practices and integrating groups to natural way of life.

Contact details
Organisation name AGRİDA TARIM VE TURİZM DERNEGİ-Agrida Agriculture & Tourism Association
Street No: 46 Cazgirler Village, Bayramic
Postal code 17730
Country Turkey
Email address agrida@agrida.org.tr
Website www.agrida.org.tr
Telephone number 902867875151
Fax number

Last update: 27/07/2012