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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 24/05/2015
Location ADIYAMAN, Turkey
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Youth policies
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

We work to provide social opportunities to young people in Adiyaman. All the below mentioned activities are organized to increase social development;
Training course, seminars, introduction meetings, outdoor activities, youth in action projects, campaigns and information activities,regional youth festival, local festival organizations.
We are an active youth organization in Adiyaman as well as the whole region. We have had a good relation with the organizations around us. We are an experienced organization in Youth in Action Programme and intercultural events. Also, our members work as a volunteer in organization. We would like to promote our experience from local voluntaryism to international voluntaryism. We want to gain new experiences with international volunteers.
We work in most disadvantaged region and young people do not have too much opportunity to go abroad. For this reason we want to enable them to reach EVS Programme easily.

Description of the organisation

Adiyaman Youth and Culture Association is located in Adiyaman. The Association was established 17th February 2008. The southeastern Anatolia region is the most disadvantaged region around Turkey. We work for social development of young people in Adiyaman. We have more or less 35 volunteers. Aims of the organization are;
• To create opportunity for young people to recognise their problems and to initiate for solutions of the problems.
• To facilitate active participation of young people in decision making process,
• To improve the young people’s social development and vocational skills.
• To encourage young people in the region, work as an initiator about social issues.
Regular Activities;
• Training courses,
• Seminars,
• Introduction meetings,
• Outdoor acitivites,
• YIA Projects,
• Campaigns
• Information activities
We are in a good relationship with Adiyaman Council,Adiyaman Governorship and Adiyaman University as a partner. We have organised many traning course and activities with Adiyaman Directorate of National Education and related directorates.
We are contact point of Eurodesk. We provide them high quality information and advice about Europen opportunities.
We are also a member of a lot of national and international youth networks. National Youth Council, Regional Youth and Culture Centres Foundation are some of them. We have a facebook group and web page which have more or less 600 members. There is an e-mail group to announce activities to young people.

Contact details
Street Hastane Cad. Mahalli İdareler Binası Kat: 4
Postal code 02100
Town/city ADIYAMAN
Country Turkey
Email address adiyamangenclikkulturevi@gmail.com
Website www.adiyamangenclik.org
Telephone number 00904162137475
Fax number 00904162137475

Last update: 24/05/2012