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Afyonkarahisar Governorship- EU Permanent Contact Office

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 20/04/2015
Location AFYON, Turkey
Organisation topics
European awareness
Youth leisure
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Afyonkarahisar is a city situated in the west of Turkey. It has 17 county and its population is 700.000. The city is famous for its thermal tourism and there are lots of comfortable hotels here. It is also known with its Turkish delight and sausage. Although industry hasn't developed so much, agriculture and livestock is common especially among people living in counties. There are big and delicious restaurants serving in the city center. The most important advantage of the city is that it is in the center of three regions. It is near Ankara -the capital city of Turkey- Antalya and Izmir which are at the seaside and they are visited by lots of tourists.
In Afyonkarahisar, there are two universities where almost 30.000 students attend. One go to many places on foot and transportation is cheap. There are lots of cafes, cinemas and entertainment places for the young. People living in Afyonkarahisar are friendly and helpful. The number of civil servants who came from different cities of Turkey is also high.
EU Contact Office is in the city center and easy to reach. The young volunteer is supposed to come to work during weekdays and between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. He or She doesn't have to wear formal clothes except for some meetings. Alcohol is forbidden in public bodies so S/he isn't allowed to take alcohol during the day.

The EU Office can offer a friendly atmosphere for the young volunteer. S/he will have opportunity to use computer and internet all day. During work hours, s/he can easily reach various drinks and foods. There are lots of cheap and comfortable hostels or hotels around the office in the city center. Since people living in Afyonkarahisar aren't familiar to tourists, probably most of people will be interested in the young volunteer and they will want to chat with him.

He/She can learn PCM (Project Cycle Management) and LFA (Logical Framework Analysis) method. We organise PCM Courses and the young volunteer can participate in organization process of trainings and s/he can develop himself/herself in teaching PCM as well. S/he can learn Turkish as a foreign language. The office organizes some different events such as picnics, competitions, visits to various places and meetings. The volunteer can participate in these activities and s/he can enjoy himself/herself while s/he is learning useful things. It means S/he won't be indoor all day. Moreover; s/he will learn more about EU and EU-Turkey relationship at the office. S/He will know Turkish culture, life-style and public bodies better. The volunteer will use computer and S/he will develop his/her computer skills as well. S/he can learn Turkish as well.

As we stated before, EU office tries to inform people in Afyonkarahisar about EU and EU-Turkey Relationship. All students, teachers, civil servants, staff in university and the other people living in the city are our target groups. The EVS volunteer will give information about life in Europe and after S/he learns more about EU, S/he will make presentations for especially students in high schools and universities because they know English. S/he will answer questions about EU and this will be interesting for young students. They will speak English with a person who is near their age. It will be more interesting to listen to a foreign person about EU and EU-Turkey relationship. When EVS volunteer is in the office, more people will be interested in EU and projects. EVS volunteer will also help finding partners for projects prepared by EU Office and various institutions and organizations. Besides, S/he will take part in activities planned for projects. For example, when we organize a picnic or meeting, s/he will help for all kind of arrangement process. S/he will also help preparing projects. If S/he wants, s/he can teach his/her mother tongue.

In Afyonkarahisar Youth Center s/he will learn new hobbies like marbling art, playing "Mangala", which is a game requiring mathematical intelligence, producing ornaments from felt. After learning, s/he will work in Youth Center as an assistant and trainer.

In Youth and Sport Center, S/he will be able to learn new sports and s/he will work in the center. S/he will provide the equipment for the people who will do sport. S/he will help preparing licence etc. for sportsman.

In Social Service Society for the Protection of Children, S/he will spend time with children and old people. S/he will enhance his/her experience with them.

Firstly, EVS volunteers should have cooperative spirit because most of work will be done in a group. A person who likes working alone may have difficulty here. They should be talkative, helpful and good in communication. The young whose imagination power is strong are also preferable because we must be creative to produce effective projects and to inform people about the EU. The feeling of responsibility should be developed and s/he should be willing to learn new things and teach as well. Basic computer skills and project experience will also be useful.

EVS volunteer should be willing to work with both children and old people. That s/he can play a musical instrument or sing songs will be better. S/he should have wide point of view.

We want to develop cooperation between organizations in Europe and Turkey, so we- as Afyonkarahisar Governorship- are ready for hosting for young people from various organizations.

First of all, before they come, EVS volunteers will have all contact information of the staff in the office. We will learn their basic needs and expectations. We will meet him/her at the airport and help for accommodation. We will provide a map of the city for them and some Turkish information including the address and contact information of the office written on a paper because s/he can meet people who don't know English. During work hours, S/he will be with the staff or at the office. Since the office is in public building it is quite safe.
As soon as EVS Volunteer arrives, a questionnaire will be completed by him/her. He will answer if she has an illness or takes medicine regularly. S/he will be asked questions like "Does she have an allergy against something?, What frightens him/her, What makes him/her happy" etc.
In case of health problem, S/he can go to hospitals because S/he will have insurance. One of the staff will company with him/her while S/he is at hospital. We will be always helpful to him/her.
If EVS Volunteer is 16-17, S/he must stay in a hostel with high-school students or university students. These hostels are quite safe and they have lots of opportunities for young volunteer.

Motivation and EVS experience

EU Contact Office has two main missions in Afyonkarahisar. One is to inform people living in the about EU and Turkey-EU relationship. The other mission is to enhance the rate of projects funded by EU. Therefore, The staff in the office is interested in all kind of projects and they are continuously developing themselves by attending courses. Lots of people from different backgrounds in terms of age and education visit the office and demand ask for information about projects. Among these people there are young people who are willing to prepare projects. To support young people to participate in various projects, the staff do their best. Our organization wants to be accredited both as a sending organization and host organization.

As a sending organization, we want to help young people more. We want to support the young who are willing to participate in social life, to learn new things about Europe, to meet people from other cultures. In Afyonkarahisar, There are many young people who are eager to participate in various volunteer activities. Afyonkarahisar city is situated inner part of Turkey and it is not a city which attracts tourists, so the young people living there don't have the opportunity to meet foreign people or their culture. We want to help the young to go Europe and have new experience in Europe. They will know new people and new culture there and they will broaden their perspectives. The experience they will have in Europe will be very useful for people's both private and business life. Besides,They will be able to find an opportunity to use foreign language and they will improve their language skills.

As a host organization, we want to host EVS volunteers in our city and create a friendly atmosphere for them. There is no organization which has been accredited in the city, so the accreditation of EU Office is very important and necessary for the city. Thanks to EVS Volunteers, we will find opportunity to introduce Turkey and Turkish culture to EU countries. Moreover, a lot of young in the city will meet European young people, and they will find opportunity to practice language, to know different culture and learn new things about Europe.

Shortly, as Afyonkarahisar Governorship- EU Contact Office, we want to be a bridge between young volunteers in Europe and Turkey so that they can demolish their prejudice and love and know each other better.

Description of the organisation

Afyonkarahisar Governorship is attached to the Ministry of Interior. The institution is representative of the State and the Government's in the province and it is responsible for ensuring the implementation and declaration of law, regulations and government decisions. The Governor is authorized to inspect institutions and enterprises, private businesses, private administrations, municipalities and village administrations which are responsible for executing instructions and orders of the Ministries. Shortly, The Governorship is responsible for organizing and supervising the general course of the general administration of the province in every way. There are 17 county administrative districts under his supervision and it is authorized with inspecting these districts.

EU Offices have been established in each province under the Governorships. EU Offices are responsible for all work planning related to the European Union and Turkey's European Union accession process in their cities. Other important mission of these offices is to increase the rate of projects funded in the city. They deal with project engineering, project monitoring and coordinating the project application process. Besides, EU Offices try to inform civil society organizations, public institutions, university and the citizens about EU and projects related to EU Financial aids. One Vice Governor is assigned about this topic and he is responsible for this office. There are 5 staff working in Afyonkarahisar EU Office.

The Office organizes free PCM Courses for volunteer people from NGOs, public institutions, university and local directorates. They organize courses related to EU Accession Chapters, too. They inform people about new call of proposals and they broadcast the news related to EU on their web-page and they send e-mails to the people who gave their contact information.

Our target group constitutes from people who are interested in EU and EU grants. Among them, there are women, young people and disadvantaged people too.

Contact details
Organisation name Afyonkarahisar Governorship- EU Permanent Contact Office
Street Gazlıgöl Street- Management of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Campus
Postal code 03100
Town/city AFYON
Country Turkey
Email address afyonab@gmail.com
Website www.afyonkarahisarab.gov.tr
Telephone number +00902722133642
Fax number +00902722142019

Last update: 24/04/2012