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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 26/03/2015
Location ANTALYA, Turkey
Organisation topics
European awareness
Education through sport and outdoor activities
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

TÜRKÝYE is a country ruled by democracy with a strong tradition of secularism. TÜRKÝYE has applied for the membership of EU.Its population is about 72 million.Its capital city is ANKARA .Its native -language is TURKISH.
The project will take place in the suburb of Antalya.
Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean coast of south-west of TÜRKÝYE.The first president and founder of Türkiye, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk claimed that 'without doubt Antalya is the most beautiful place in the world'.

. Antalya is.a holiday paradise in a lovely natural setting .The pine- clad TAURAS(TOROS)mountains sweep down to the cyrstal clear sea forming an irregular coast-line of rocky headlands and secluded caves.

It is situated in Mediterranean Region of TÜRKÝYE ,and the region is bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year ,and is thus perfect for a holiday of sunbathing and swimming or for sporting activities such as windsurfing ,water-skiing ,sailing,mountain-climbing and hunting.Those who vacation in March and April can ski in the mornings and in the afternoons swim in the warm -waters of Mediterranean.The coast is lined with magnificent beaches ,lapped by clear blue waters ,and surrounded by pine forests ,olive and citrus groves, palm trees ,avacoda trees and banana plantations .

Important historical sites await discovery in these marvellous surroundings which are home to a rich variety of plant and wildlife.

Antalya is an attractive city at an altitude of only about 50 metres ,with shady ,palm -lined boulevards,a prize -winning marina and picturesque old quarter called KALEÝÇÝ which has narrow,winding streets and quaint ,old wooden houses next to the city walls.Since its founding in the second century B.C. Attalus 2,the king of Pergamon who named the city Attaleia after himself it has had a continuous history.The Romans ,the Byztantines and Seljuks occupied the city before it came under Ottoman rule.

There are a lot of places of interests in the city such as museums,historical sites and monuments ,and parks ,art,culture and entertainment ,shopping ,marinas and golf.

You can see typical Mediterranean climate with sunny summers and mild winters .Swimming April-November .Average day-time temperature in summer is 28 C and the water is 27C.

Antalya has got a lot of towns such as Kemer ,Finike, Demre ,Kaþ,Manavgat,Alanya ,Side and Aksu.Aksu is the place where SEVGÝ KÖYÜ is founded ,it takes about 20 kms from the city center.It is about 2kms to PERGE .The Hittites had settlements in this area around 1500 B.C.,and ST.PAUL stopped here on one of his journeys during the time when Perge was an important city of ancient Pamphylia.
The stage of the theatre has very nice marble relief work.On the outer wall is a three sectioned memorial fountain.Other ruins worh mentioning are the handsome city-gate flanked by two lofty towers ,a long colonnaded street that was once lined with shops and mosaic pavements , a large agora and buildings that used to house the baths and gymnasium.
The city can be reached by air-ways,sea-ways and high-ways.

Volunteers wil live in ANTALYA.They will not have many difficulties to get used to the social atmosphere because Antalya is a tourist town ,but some typical traditions and custom related to Anatolian culture and religion can be observed easily .So volunteers are expected to respect these conditions.But general life style is just like European.

Volunteers will work in the rehabilitation -center(SEVGÝ KÖYÜ) situated in part of the city called AKSU.SEVGÝ KÖYÜ is a place which helps boys between 12 and 18 as a boarding place and gives service as a rehabilitation center .This rehabilitation center has a duty for keeping and caring and advicing those children / youth dragged into committing a crime.
SEVGÝ KÖYÜ is made up of three main buildings :

director -room
toilets for men and women

bed-rooms (27-beds) every-room is for 1-3 or 5 persons
a room for sport -activities
a resting-room having television and several games

dining -room
a saloon used for several-activities such as:table-tennis, ping-pong- billiards

Volunteers will live on a flat and share it with the other one hosted by SEVGÝ KÖYÜ.They will be guided to use local transport; dolmuþ and bus.Accommodation is in a fully furnished flat,kitchen and laundry facilities and living room.You will probably have your-own room because we will only host two volunteers.There are some certain rules obeyed in the flat such as keeping the flat clean and tidy ,protecting the equipments ,not making any noise by 21:00.The volunteers are not allowed to have guests on the board .After arrival , other rules will be introduced to volunteers by mentor and host organizing.
After their arrival,the volunteers will have one-week orientation programme with their mentor and they will go through Turkish -course .At this point we want to have the volunteers introduce to Turkish language better and get volunteers on a level ,in which they have less difficulty about communication and they can integrate to local community quickly.The volunteers placed on a long term project during the first month will perform on the activities on their project after or before Turkish language courses.In the secomd month they will start regular activities according to the regular schedule.After their arrival ,the volunteers placed on a long term project will attend to on arrival training organized by Turkish National Agency and also to the mid-term training later during their service.

So as to facilitate their living in the community and make new friends all necessary support will be
given.We will give information to volunteers about art and cultural activities ,festivals in the city ,if they would like ,they will be able to join .These activities will be a great advantage for volunteers .Thus his/her performance to carry out project activities will be effected positively.The volunteers will have a chance to come together to meet other volunteers coming from different cultures because SEVGÝ KÖYÜ will be hosting other European volunteers .
Communication and development of relations is our aim.Here is our schedule carried by the volunteers 5 days in the project enviroment:

Monday:10-12:Activities in Sevgi Köyü-12:30-13:30-Lunch-13:30-15:30:Workshops in Rehabilitation center

16:30-18:30:meeting with the mentor (support in language -training)

Tuesday-Friday:10-12-30:preparations for the activities for the next day 12:30-13:30-Lunch 13:30-15:30:Workshops in Rehabilitation -center(leisure-worjshops)
Saturday and Sunday are off.
In a week two days are off according to schedule it can be Saturday or Sunday and other week day .

SEVGÝ KÖYÜ would like to receive the volunteers motivated to work with dificult youth.They should have counciousness of the needs and constraints of the group in the project.They should have easy-going and tolerant attitude to be able to get along with the troubled youth .They should have the capability of developing new ideas and self confidence for implementing them.

Volunteers' main task is related with the work in SEVGÝ KÖYÜ.Followingly there will be given brief overview of the activities planned for the volunteer.
There will be a 30-35 hours working time-table from Monday to Friday (as we mentioned above) for volunteer including 5 hours Turkish Lessons at least per week.Volunteers will have free-time at weekends.

Working with youth EVS volunteers' main activities are generally concerned with assisting youth in many ways:help to organize events for youth such as ,art,handicraft and music activities ,ýndoor-outdoor-(sport)activities,intercultural-evenings etc.
-While the volunteers are in the office ,they will have a chance to learn more about office-work and they will have an opportunity to choose which activities they take part .This flexibility will provide a large variety of activities for the volunteer and help them broaden the personal experiences of them.
The option for personal projects will always be avaliable for the volunteer such as:organising interesting and useful work-shops about developing photos,screen printing or something-else.
The volunteer will never be given tasks which are beyond his/ her abilities and most of the time the volunteer will work together his/her mentor, more responsible tasks will be given.
Volunteers tasks during the EVS project:
1-Assisting the Youth in Rehabilitation Center everyday activities :
Communicate with the youth ,do activities with them ,teaching,drawing,acting,cooking,singing ,finding new leisure activities ,teaching his/her native language ,organising new out-door and indoor activities.
2-Helping in the office:
Assisting in developing new projects and participating in planning and preparing projects and afterwards activities and evaluation ,organising different activities and trainings for the youth and staff.
Thanks to involved in EVS project a volunteer could learn how to deal with the difficult youth ,learn to find solutions to the issues they face practically.
Volunteer will promote EVS,YOUTH in ACTION PROGRAMME as an active member of EVS community through own initiative and actions among the disadvantaged youth.

We want to host young people from 18-30 years old. We will make choice based on cv and motivation letter, interview made by sending organization and phone or e- interview with candidates. We would like to have chosen volunteers latest 3 months before activities start. That time is necessary to inform well volunteers and slowly from distance introduce him / her to the project, city and country.

The number of volunteers hosted at the time : 2

The volunteers under the age of 18 will not be accepted.Volunteers are guaranteed the insurance as it is expected in YOUTH in ACTION .We will tell them how to get to the hospital ,medical-instutýtýons ,pharmacies.Our volunteers are luckier than many-other volunteers,as we have got a doctor (4 Health-officers) at the place where the project takes place.The essential phone-numbers such as police,medical assistance and all the other necessary information will be informed .They will be informed about legislation regarding the public regulations and traffic in AKSU and ANTALYA.We will also inform them about the other issues concerning them during their stay and work in AKSU.When they need any help,they will easily contact with the mentor and legal representitive,our legal representitive will be more easily contacted as he works from 8 to 5 at the same place where the project will be carried out.
The target group of our organisation is between 12 and 18 ,with difficult backgrounds.from unemployed and generally seperated and poor families.Thus, our organýzation is paying attention to behave them sensitively,friendly and patiently.In addition organization has a strong policy of not using alcohol and drugs for its volunteers ,particularly during organization's activities and in the offices.
Our organization takes all responsibilities for the volunteers involved in the project.
Volunteers will get accommodation in a flat shared with the other one and easily reached to the project place.They will be informed about living conditions in advance.Volunteers will be informed about all practical living rules directly after their arrival .All working arrangements will be discussed during a meeting in the organization.Mutual expectations and general rules will be presented and discussed. We are planning to be in direct contact with the volunteers and their Sending Organisation.We would like to know expectations and profile of the volunteer in advance to organize our activities in a better way .We would like volunteers to think about their ideas for personal projects in advance using their cultural backgrounds and their experience ,thus they can make some preparations already in their homeland.
Our mentor will provide a board- meeting at least once a week for volunteers and the people directly included in their -work.We will stay in contact with the Sending -Organisation (e-mails and telephone).

Motivation and EVS experience

SEVGI KÖYÜ is a non- profit organization, which works with young people in the age between 12 and 18 with difficult background. Those young people come from dysfunctional families, poverty, experienced unemployment, are not well educated, often have/had problems with drug using. We work with them trying to prepare them for living inside the society, educating them, offering them some job useful skills development, helping them from psychological point of view.
SEVGÝ KÖYÜ aims to provide for every young person equal education opportunities, which well used will help them progress personally and socially and integrate in social life, start to undertake new responsibilities.
We hope that through EVS we can give the chance to young people from abroad to experience work with difficult youth as well as give to our target group the new perspectives. We want to develop the active citizenship aspect in our activities. We think that EVS is a great way to bring different cultures together end enrich each participating person. It would give new opportunities for the volunteers as they can learn about new country and its culture, also they can develop practical skills useful for their professional future.
Our target group would benefit a lot from this experience, they would see new opportunities and understand that its available for every young person, also them. Their motivation to learn new things, also language would increase. We want to spread the information about the international opportunities we are able to offer to the young people we work with through EVS.
For the reasons mentioned above, SEVGÝ KÖYÜ has a mission to spread YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME and actions within it especially European Voluntary Service. We are motivated to organize EVS for the first time, because we believe, that it is great option for volunteers and local community to contribute in social work and realize our aims.
SEVGÝ KÖYÜ will be an example for the other inhabitants, because this will be the first EVS activity for this province.
We will apply first time for the project.
We plan to host two volunteers in the age between 18 and 30 years-old, motivated to work with difficult youth.

Description of the organisation

The objective of our activities is to give chance to the youth with fewer opportunities, coming from rural part of the country, dysfunctional families, often touched by unemployment problem. We want to show them, that still there are enough opportunities to build good future. Through our work we want to prove them, that they are not different/worse from other youth. We want to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people with disadvantages, difficult background, often drug addiction in the past. We help them to get self confidence and courage to maintain their dreams. By working with these young people we also aim to break the prejudice in the society and help these youth to adopt to the community , foster mutual understanding. We provide our pupils with learning opportunities and other alternatives for spending time in a productive way. The time spent in rehabilitation center hopefully will help them get over their issues, solve problems and start a new life within a society (work).

Our regular activities take place in subarea of Antalya called Aksu in Rehabilitation Centre, where the stuff works with a groups of disadvantaged youth in the age between 12 and 18. We offer to young people: English- in order to increase their skills useful to find a job after leaving a rehabilitation centre, music activities aim to teach them also some practical, useful things like playing on different instruments. There are also art workshops and a lot of outdoor activities, sports: basketball, football, tennis, wrestling, box. Our stuff try to reach this young troubled people in many different ways.
In our rehabilitation center we have constantly got 1 director from Social Charity Directory ,1 sociologist ,3 servants,4 safe-guard workers ,1 Helping Servant, 4 Health officers ,1 gardener.
Through Education year ,by the help of a specialist from Public Education ,National Education,Vacational Education ,we have got literacy ,cooking and electrical courses.
The total volunteers we are still dealing with are 8 pupils.


Contact details
Postal code 07100
Town/city ANTALYA
Country Turkey
Email address aliozdemirshu@hotmail.com
Telephone number 902424263590
Fax number

Last update: 15/03/2013