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Akdeniz Üçüncü Göz Egitim ve Gençlik Dernegi

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 31/12/2020
Location MERSİN, Turkey
Organisation topics
Education through sport and outdoor activities
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

The project will be implemented in the region of East Mediterranean the city Mersin-Kazanlý. Mersin is central cultural life in Mediterranean. The city has a very long history and has a coast on the sea over 400 KM . The population of the city is 807 694 according to 2008 estimates. This coast has been inhabited since the 9000BC. xcavations of the hill of Yümüktepe have revealed 23 levels of occupation, the earliest dating from ca. 6300 BC. A fortification was put up around 4500 BC, but the site appears to have been abandoned between 3200 BC and 1200 BC. The population. Mersin is a big urban city. In the last years there have been a lot of project concerning the reduction of problems, even though there are more to solve. There is a big discrimination for the immigrants, environmental contamination. In the boundaries of Mersin is situated, usually, the working class, and many young people with less cultural opportunities as, everything is situated in the center of Mersin.Our aim is to contribute at the environmental sensitize of the public and information given at the young people.
The volunteers will be living at apartments that will be rented exclusively for the needs of the program in Mersin-Kazanlý and also suitable to accommodate with more than 10 volunteers at the same time. Living conditions will be based on the basic rules of common respect, such as access to the Internet, 24 hours hot water, fully equipped kitchen and location very close to the activity area.
The Third Eye Association of Mediterranean is operating with the aim of wildlife protection, especially for the turtles(Caretta-Carettas and Cheolonia Mydos) which lay their eggs to Mersin-Kazanlý coasts, the protection of the natural environment and biotope in general. Among the most important aims of the organization is to inform and sensitize public concerning threats and problems of wildlife animals, the simplification of scientific knowledge concerning wildlife and natural environment, the environmental education of young people and the sensitization of public in general. One of the most important priorities for the organization is the promotion of active citizenship spirit, the empowerment of voluntarism and the spirit of collaboration and solidarity.
The above mentioned aims and priorities of the organization induce us to apply for the accreditation of a host organization within the frame of "Youth in Action" program Action 2. European Voluntary Service. We believe that since our organization already participated in projects of voluntarism and exchanges of youth and researchers in local level, the experience that we gained in planning and development can be introduced with success also in a European level range program as it is "Youth in Action" program.
After all we believe that the environmental catastrophe and the threat of wildlife is universally wide and its spread should be also the initiatives of training, protection and voluntarism.
We intend to host 10 volunteers at same time in short-term Group EVS ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months periods in order to contribute in a real and meaningful way to the aims and purposes of the organization as described above.
Weekly program
09:00-11:00 Meeting with mentors and project coordinator discussion-briefing
1200:13:00 Lunch
13:00-16:00 Turkish Language course
09:00-12:00 Preparing media about environmental protection
1400-1700 Cleaning the coast where turtles lay their eggs
09:00 -12:00 Meeting with local people and informative activities about environment
1400-1700: Trekking and workshop with local youth in wild areas and protecting wild life
09:00 -12:00 Cleaning the coast where turtles lay their eggs
1400-1700: Trekking with local youth in wild areas and protecting wild life
09:00 -12:00 Meeting with local people and informative activities about environment
1400-1700: Turkish Language Course and Evaluation

(Schedule may alter depending on weather and environmental conditions and creating volunteers' own theatre-stage shows is also possible to be performed at schools to create awareness of environment. Visiting green-houses Where the organic farming is done.)
We are looking for young people who have strong motivation and initiative for all activities which are related to our project about coast and environment protection. Also, they should be interested in giving their contribution to development of local society. In that case they need to be intercultural sensitive and to try to identify their own place in environment where they can give maximum of themselves. We expect future volunteers to be open for new experiences, ready to learn new thing, to be flexible and independent. For us is also desirable that volunteer have basic knowledge of English language and basic computer skills. To be creative is also big plus.
Crises will be managed by friendly young personnel or staff.
The safe living and working context will be provided day by day through the continuous contact with the staff
team, related both to us and even to the figures and members of the communities in which they will
work and live.
For any health emergency, medical care is provided 24 hours a day in the communities or cities. They will be treated and considered as local citizens. Moreover, all the structures in which they will live and work will be provided with all the EU requirements for human safety. The volunteers will be never left alone. They will have 24 hours support (both physical and personal) in order to satisfied their needs. The staff members will help them to better integrate even from a linguistic point of view.

The number of volunteers hosted at the same time : 10

Part V. Sending Organisation

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

As a sending organization our priority is that we will take the youth age between 18-30 who are having social and economical difficulties into consideration. At the same time the volunteers should have strong motivation for creating awareness around them and European citizenship and show their maximum contribution to the project that they will participate.
We are able to send 2 volunteers at the same time.
Crises will be managed by friendly young personnel or staff. We will keep in contact both with our volunteer and hosting organization unless there is a problem or to keep the motivation of our volunteer at high level before-during and after the project. We will provide the volunteer to join the pre-departure training and we will definitely be sure that He/She had read the Activity Agreement carefully or will read it together and make him/her to understand it clearly about their responsibilities and rights. When we send a volunteer aged 16 or 17, we will take a confirmation from the parents and will check the hosting organization How they take care of the risk prevention with the aged 16-17.

(EPlusLink project number : 2014-1-TR01-KA110-000074)

Motivation and EVS experience

Our City, Mersin has a population of 1 million and %80 of the habitants are immigrants from east of Turkey. Many young people immigrated to our city to find a better life and job. Due to lack of public training centres, less number of youth NGOs many youngsters are unaware of Youth in Action Programme and volunteerism. To let the youngsters know about EU, youth programmes and volunteerism we will take an active role and we want to send youngsters with less opportunities to EU organizations. We have been hosting and coordinating organization for 26 volunteers with fewer opportunities from Europe and Tunisia since January within 'Heal the World Through EVS I,II,III and want to carry on EVS group projects in the future in order to spread this type of knowledge among local youths and international arena, and We believe that we have managed to make both the local youths and volunteers from abroad gain different knowledge about environment and EVS and interact upon each other and We still have a lot to do in our future projects. We created a cleaning Kazanlý beach project with our members and volunteers on 4th of March with the name 'Clean the Kazanlý Beach in 1 Day' with the support of local Municipalities(Akdeniz and Toroslar), Soda&Kromsan factories, Akasma Recycling Factory and shopping centre Forum.There has been attendance to this event not only from the organization that we mentioned but also students from different schools that we had visited with our volunteers and performed a mini theatre show about environment and how to protect the turtles from extinction.

Description of the organisation

Our Association aims to help youth aged 18-30 who are having social and economical difficulties by social activities, campaigns, voluntary works and training camps. To fight with discrimination, racism, xenofobia we provide youth social inclusion activities, non formal training sessions. We also cooperate with local governorates and NGOs. We try to decrease the problems mentioned above and try to form a healthy, well trained, open minded, environmentalist youngsters. As an environmentalist organization,we aim to protect the forest, to plant trees, to clean the beaches, to protect the sea-sides from garbage and We especially protect the Sea-Turtles (Caretta-Carettas and Cheolonia Mydos) which are laying their eggs on Kazanlý beach, are under danger of extinction with cooperation of local municipalities, Mersin University, Provincial Directorate of Environment. We also cooperate with the recycling centre in order to have a chance to recycle the garbage that we have collected and create an awareness of recycling system among the local people.

Contact details
Organisation name Akdeniz Üçüncü Göz Egitim ve Gençlik Dernegi
Street Kazanlı Mah. Cumhuriyet Bulvarı Eski Belediye Binası Saglık Ocagı Üstü Kazanlı
Postal code 40408
Town/city MERSİN
Country Turkey
Email address thirdeye_med@yahoo.com
Telephone number 00903243263312
Fax number 00903243263312

Last update: 24/03/2014