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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 04/04/2015
Location bacau, Romania
Organisation topics
European awareness
Art and culture
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

The volunteers will live in Bacău, a city located in the East part of Romania. It has 180.000 inhabitants, including some minority groups such as: Rroma, Hungarians, Moldavians, Jewish and Armenians. Bacau is mainly an economic centre, with many industrial and agricultural businesses, but the area also has a touristic potential (beautiful sites: mountains, hills and river banks; historical ruins, a salt mine, therapeutic mineral springs). The city offers an open, multicultural environment, with many cultural and leisure activities. Many of the villages surrounding Bacău are traditional and religious communities, but are somewhat open to foreigners.
The projects the volunteers will be involved in, may require some travelling in Bacau county or in other areas of the country (depending on the project), but the volunteers will live in rented flats or houses in the city.
The volunteers will have the following learning opportunities:
- work in an international team;
- develop their communication skills;
- develop foreign language skills;
- work on project development and implementation;
- develop their abilities to work with children and teenagers;
- develop their creativity and problem solving skills;
- develop training competences;
- develop time management and non-formal education competences;
Volunteers play an important part in our organization, and they will be able to choose the role that is best suited for them, according to their interests and abilities. They will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of activities:
- trainings and workshops (preparation, assisting and co-training activities);
- school workshops/presentation and language skills clubs (organizing activities for children and teenagers);
- art related activities (workshops, exhibitions, street animation, theatre);
- advocacy and fundraising activities;
- IT activities (creating and updating blogs and sites, designing magazines, leaflets, posters).
We are looking for volunteers that are open minded, creative and willing to work in an international team. We have no gender, nationality or religion criteria. We are looking forward to working with volunteers that are responsible, able to carry through a task, come up with new ideas and are interested in new experiences.
We will ensure an open and transparent recruitment process by having a close collaboration with the sending organization which will help us advertise the call for volunteers, but also in the whole selection process. All information regarding the call for volunteers will be posted on internet sites and other platforms related to the topic. The recruitment process will include cv and motivation letter screening and online interviews with the candidates.
The sending organization can be any kind of youth organization that is EVS accredited. We are looking for organizations that develop similar projects to ours so that we can establish long term and efficient partnerships.
For short term large group projects (2 weeks to 2 months that involve a number of volunteers doing their service as a group) we can host 10 volunteers.
For the rest of the EVS projects (6 to 12 months, 2 to 5 months, 2 weeks to 2 months) we can host up to 6 volunteers.
We will take all the necessary measures to ensure a safe living and working environment for the EVS volunteers. Some of these actions are:
- a permanent communication with the sending organization so that before arriving, the volunteers can be informed about: the local community and its characteristics; useful law information, customs and other “house rules”, a proposal for working hours, different cultural aspects, safety rules;
- on arriving they will receive an info pack (a map of the city, the mentor’s phone number and also the number of the contact person from the organization, emergence phone number, cultural information, leisure opportunities, etc.)
- at least one meeting per week between each volunteer and his/her mentor; there will also be group mentoring meetings to offer support and ensure a good quality learning process for the volunteers;
- on arriving we will also offer a training to the volunteers concerning safety rules, conflict resolution, risk management and guidelines regarding a healthy and safe life style.
Beside the measures mentioned above, we will prevent risks and crises by having an open and transparent communication with the volunteer from the very start of the project. They will be informed about the rules and the consequences of breaking them; they will be informed about their rights as volunteers. To prevent health risks, we will ensure the access to health care for each volunteer.
Under aged volunteers will live with host families. We will monitor their cultural integration and make sure that they have a close relationship with their mentors. Also, we will have a permanent communication with the sending organization and the volunteer’s parents.

Motivation and EVS experience

We want to become part of EVS because we consider volunteering to be a great learning opportunity for young people; they develop new skills and discover themselves, they get involved in local communities and understand the power of intercultural teamwork, this way making a difference in the society.
Our team members have experience in coordinating short and long term projects, working with volunteers and organizing learning activities for different beneficiaries. Therefore, we consider that we can successfully coordinate EVS projects and ensure a good quality learning process for all our future volunteers.
We would like to become a hosting organization for EVS because we want to offer young people from other countries the opportunity to stay and work in a multicultural environment, to discover themselves and become aware of their purpose in the society and to get a sense of European citizenship. Hosting foreign volunteers will also bring benefits to our local volunteers and to our community.
As a sending EVS organization, we want to give to young people from our area the opportunity to become volunteers in other countries and broaden their view and truly become active European citizens.

Description of the organisation

ADDO, the Centre for Development and Training, is a NGO that focuses on programmes for youth development, cultural and educational non-formal activities for youth and also on training programs for young people and adults.
Our main activities are: developing and implementing training programmes; organising non formal cultural and educational activities for young people (personal development workshops, art activities and exhibitions, debates, thematic trips and competitions , etc.); implementing programmes for vulnerable social categories in order to facilitate their access to education, social and professional integration; social advocacy campaigns.
Young people are our main target group, but we also offer support and activities to youth workers, parents, teachers, others involved in youth work and education, NGOs and other legal entities.
Two trainers (one who is also a pedagogue and the other is also the President of ADDO), one psychologist, a legal consultant and an administrative assistant form our team.

Contact details
Organisation name ADDO
Street Stefan cel Mare Street 1/B/10
Postal code 600356
Town/city bacau
Country Romania
Email address office@centruladdo.ro
Telephone number 004(0)723270165
Fax number 004(0)234522866

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