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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 04/08/2014
Location Oradea, Romania
Organisation topics
European awareness
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

The city of Oradea (German - Großwardein; Hungarian - Nagyvárad; Medieval Latin - Magnovaradinum, Italian - Gran Varadino) is the capital of Bihor county. The city lies at the meeting point of the Crisana plain and the Crisul Repede's basin. It is situated 126 meters above sea-level, surrounded on the north-eastern part by the hills of Oradea belonging to the Ses hills. The main part of the settlement is situated on the floodplain and on the terraces situated down the river Crisul Repede. Oradea is famous for its thermal springs. The river Crisul Repede crosses the city right in the centre, providing it with a picturesque beauty.
Oradea is located in northwest of Romania. It is attested since the 13th century. Our city is living multicultural life where Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and other ethnic groups coexist. The city has a population of 204,477, according to the 2009 census. The Oradea metropolitan area, which includes the whole urban area, has a population of 245,832.
Oradea has long been one of the more prosperous cities in Romania, due mainly to its location on the Hungarian border, making it a gateway towards Western Europe. The per capita GDP of Oradea is approximately 150% of the Romanian average. After 1989, due to its important base of consumers, Oradea enjoyed an economic renewal, not so much in industry but rather in the services sector such as trade and tourism. Our city has an unemployment rate of 6.0%, slightly lower than the Romanian average but much higher than Bihor County's average of around 2%. Oradea currently produces around 63% of the industrial production of Bihor County while accounting for 34.5% of the population of the county. Its main industries are furniture, textiles and clothing, footwear and food processing.
Projects are relevant to our organization as they are developed as a result of needs of the local environment. We make an assessment after which we find the real needs of stakeholders (local community, members, companies, alumni). Only after we realize this research we develop the programs we implement every year.
AIESEC Oradea developed several projects involving foreign volunteers. These projects are: Grow, Money Sense, Non-Governmental Oradea and Global Internship Program.
Grow project runs throughout the year. This follows that within non-formal education methods students become aware, develop personal capacities and develop a career plan. This project involved 8 foreign volunteers in 2010. The project GROW takes place 3 times per year. The target group is represented by high school students of grades between 9-12.
GROW is a non-formal educational program that provides high school students the opportunity to participate every academic year (ninth grade to twelfth grade) for about six weeks to a set of learning activities consisting of 10 modules and other informal activities. All modules are presented and facilitated in English by foreign students or graduates from abroad.
Volunteers will have the opportunity to aproach foreigners so they can exchange between themselves there different culture. Through their involvement in the project volunteers will have the Opportunity to Make New Situations.
Money Sense project runs during the spring and is intended for high school students from Oradea. Over 100 participants will attend a financial education program. These students will be guided by foreign volunteers brought through the Global Community Development Program.
In Romania, MoneySense program is designed for students in high schools and universities, in an attempt to assist in managing personal finances and better understanding of the various banking products and financial services. In addition, MoneySense offers support to anyone wishing to learn more about managing personal finances, how can you design a personal budget or what is a bank product or service.
"Non-Governmental Oradea" project aims to promote volunteering among students from Oradea and improving environmental NGO cooperation in Oradea. The role of volunteers in this project is to come up with solutions, from an external perspective, to improve cooperation in Oradea NGO environment and to hold trainings that will promote the benefits of volunteering and personal development through voluntary methods.
Global Internship Program is a project which offers to students from Art Schools the possibility to go in an internship in a foreign country to teach. The project also offers trainings like presentation skills, managing the audience, how adults learn and at the end of these trainings they go through different simulations.
We also send them to schools from Oradea to teach under the supervision of a teacher. The students have to attend a conference, Intercultural Preparation Seminar, where they are prepared for the experience of another culture.
Volunteers have the opportunity to develop their personal skills through participation in one of these projects. They will be involved in multicultural activities in AIESEC Oradea and will visit our city, surrounding areas and some targets in the country.
By receiving the EVS accreditation, we could involve more international volunteers in our projects thus providing an international and multicultural perspective that will increase the impact we have in our society and help improve the world view of young people that participate in our projects and activities.

At the arrival of the volunteers a team of AIESEC members will welcome them at the airport and took them to the accommodation place. This team is responsible to assure a great EVS experience for the volunteers by presentation of the main parts of Oradea in order to adept to the new environment as soon as possible. We introduce them to our traditions and culture. In this way will be easier to establish connections with new people and they will have a lower cultural shock.
We offer our support and our knowledge for the volunteer`s personal development. We do this trough our learning environment that we offer. This activity will also help our organization to better organize the activities that the volunteer will attend, such as seminars, mentorship, coaching, learning circles, self-discovery sessions, team experiences, participation at conferences, trainings and virtual learning opportunities, as part of our learning environment.
Individual learning - includes the personal and professional development, the volunteers can gain more knowledge while they research for the project. We also offer them the necessary access to our knowledge resources. Trough coaching sessions we help the volunteers to identify their development goals and the ways how they can improve themselves.
Team working - Integration in our organisation, assure the opportunity to improve their leadership skills by taking responsibility. Beside this, working in a team will develop abilities like communication skills, empathy and organizing abilities. Because we create dynamic teams, we are able to offer learning opportunities trough practical experiences in projects. At the end of the projects, a brief evaluation helps volunteers to identify their development and what they learned during the experience.
Virtual spaces - we offer the chance to use a wide international platform used in more than 100 countries and they have access to a huge amount of information from all over the world in a lot of domains. They can use this information for improving their skills and also to find out interesting things about other cultures. This virtual platform offers also online learning opportunities such as presentations and trainings.
Conferences and seminars - AIESEC Oradea being a part of an international network during the whole year can attend many different conferences and seminars organized by AIESEC. Every year, AIESEC Oradea organize at least 6 local or regional conferences on subjects like: leadership development, cultural preparation or planning ability development.
Mentoring - there are AIESEC members who follow the volunteers` objectives and their self management. By doing this, they will be aware of the learning process they are involved in. Because we care about their personal and professional development and their cultural experience in Oradea, we periodically check the status of their objectives. We also help them to reach the objectives by suggesting appropriate activities. Volunteers' feeling about our services are very important, because we use this as a feedback and help us to constantly improve our services. Regarding their professional development, the role of the mentoring sessions is a double one: to check if the job description activities are realized and also to offer ideas or solutions for their professional activity.
We have a meeting with them based on setting their objectives and expectations at the beginning of their experience. We always keep in focus their objectives and try to fulfil their expectations as better as we can. At the end of the experience, we realize also a goal setting review, to underline the realization rate regarding their expectations and objectives and a quality check in order to have a clear image regarding our services.
As we mentioned in "Description of the organisation" part we have 6 departments. We offer the opportunity for the foreign volunteers to choose one department and get involved in its activities. We can help them to choose the right department for their personal and professional development and also they can be a part of the department team.
AIESEC Oradea organises different types of activities such as cultural, personal development, teambuilding and global village. AIESEC Oradea offers to our volunteers the opportunity to deliver trainings and presentations to youth from Oradea. We consider that this way, we are able to develop both the trainer and the trainee, and to have a double impact. Also we involve our volunteers in organizing events. Volunteers can get involved in project management activities in order to have a overview of the projects we realize. We involve our volunteer also in educational programs in order to teach the youth from Oradea, new languages, new cultures and new customs. Another option that we offer to our volunteers is to get involved both in AIESEC Oradea and in other NGOs, in order to create a better collaboration between these organizations and to find solutions for organizational management and development.
During these activities they will become more tolerant, more open minded, they will meet new people from different culture. AIESEC Oradea promotes internationalism, volunteering and personal development of young people. Foreign volunteers involved in this kind of activities will bring an added value and increase our impact. Developing projects regarding internationalism and tolerance only with local volunteers have a lower impact compared with the same projects developed with international volunteers. They are able to bring their own perspective and to run the project based also on their experience. Having a larger group of foreign volunteers in Oradea brings different perspectives and new ideas of development. Also, by sending more volunteers from Oradea abroad, we create a new perspective in youth from our city. We offer them trough this the chance to understand different cultures, to bring new ideas, to find solutions abroad for local issues.
The EVS volunteers will have an important role in the development of AIESEC Oradea`s projects and will have a powerful impact in our society. They bring an international perspective and a new approach mindset to our projects.

AIESEC Oradea wants, through its two directions, global community development program and leadership, to create positive agents of change. EVS wants as well to promote change between volunteers with the purpose of intercultural togetherness and tolerance between people from different cultures. Global community development program wants a positive impact in society through the accountability and the awareness of youth from different countries through unique cultural experiences.
Promotion of projects will be done by all means including particular on-line discussion groups of EVS. We will also promote EVS in our University and other places where we can realize direct contact with youth from Oradea. This ensures transparency because the project will be presented to all volunteers interested in an internship, covering the entire target group of potential participants.
For every foreigner volunteer who applies for an AIESEC Oradea project, a document is created in advance, also a job description of the activities that will be done by the volunteer, and also any extra notes about the internship and project. Based on this information we will create an identity for the internship project, a document. Detailed descriptions of this internship ensure transparency of the project as volunteers will have realistic expectations from this experience. Volunteers, understanding the job description, will take part in qualitative abroad experiences accordingly with their needs.
Afterwards, those who applied for the project will be contacted by e-mail and booked for an interview so they could validate the requirements that we seek. What we are looking for in the interview is to find the motivation and skills of volunteers and not high experience, their selection will be based on their high motivation. This is important because the goal is personal and professional development of participants.
Another criterion that takes into account in selecting the participants is that English must be at least average, and also skills should not be emphasized because the volunteers should gain them in their internship. It will take into account also the additional skills such as volunteer public speaking, presentation skill and teamwork. Another important criterion is the flexibility of the volunteer.
If the parties reach an agreement the next step is to complete a document which certifies the agreement of the parties. Then the only challenge is to assist existing volunteers to apply for a visa if the volunteer is from a country outside Europe EVS partner, then all we have to do is wait for the volunteer to arrive in Oradea.
In summary, AIESEC Oradea believes that the EVS accreditation will help us to have, through young volunteers, a much stronger impact in society. We will deliver quality volunteer experiences, we will motivate, we will help develop personal and professional skills and we will help them realize the benefits of volunteering.

AIESEC Oradea has a long tradition of working with young people from other countries. To ensure a quality experience as volunteers coming through EVS, we intend to bring up to four people at once in our organization for a minimum of six-week period. Volunteers will go through a learning environment and they have the opportunity to set their goals during the internship. This experctations will be taken into account and help them to achieve their objectives.

Regarding the protection and safety of all volunteers, AIESEC International has established the International Exchange Policies & Quality Standard, which AIESEC in order to protect and prevent them from the risks that could appear. The foreign volunteer's activity in Oradea will be permanently checked by a person from the organising committee of the project who will be assigned to be mentor and to take care and offer personal support. In the first days, the coordinator of the organizing committee will introduce the volunteer to our members and to our executive board. They have the responsibility to guarantee a proper and safe working and living environment during his staying.
Before the foreign volunteers leaves their country, they will receive a reception booklet which contains information about the general local environment, details about the weather in Oradea, information about our customs, information about safe places, supermarkets and shops which they should frequent, mainly the most important information about Romanian culture, how to use emergency services, public transportation, laundry, groceries, hair salon, and pharmacy and other helpful things that will help make their stay a pleasant one.
The volunteer will receive an application form to complete with information about their food habits, religious orientation, special needs, allergies, personal contacts in case of emergency and other relevant facts. We will take precautionary measures buying medical kits and if we have sports activities we will make sure that we have medical assistance.
The role of the mentor is also very important in making sure that the volunteer is safe and integrated in the community. The mentor discuss with the volunteer regarding these issues.
AIESEC Oradea provide a proper and safe working and living environment. We want to have a quality experience and risk free for international volunteers. Through the measures we take, we make sure that participants are safe.

Motivation and EVS experience

AIESEC Oradea is an organisation of young students who promote volunteering. We consider that we should collaborate because our goal is similar and we can work towards a major impact in society. The two big direction in which AIESEC Oradea is oriented are global exchange experiences and leadership. We offer multiple opportunities to participate in global community development programs abroad.
Currently, AIESEC Oradea does not have EVS accreditation. The main reason we want to obtain this accreditation is that this program can help us to increase the positive impact that we want to have in our society.
Our organisation brings each year young people to do volunteering and also we send students from Oradea in different countries to participate in internships and other volunteering programs. In Oradea we organize projects developed by foreign volunteers and we send volunteers from Oradea act as volunteers in projects abroad. These projects promote internationalism, multiculturalism and mobility of students. We organised 4 projects based on volunteers' mobility each year. We want to organize new projects in the future which would improve the personal development of students so they could become positive agents of change. We collaborate with faculties, high-schools and kindergartens from Oradea so we can gather information about the needs of personal development of youngsters from our community.
In 2010, AIESEC Oradea received 14 volunteers from countries like: The Netherlands, Island, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Cameroon, Thailand, India and New Zealand. We sent 11 volunteers in: Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey.
AIESEC Oradea and Youth in Action trough EVS program have the same objective: personal development of young people trough volunteering. These opportunities offer a new and different cultural experience for students who want to develop their personal skills. Both consider volunteering an excellent way to provide positive impact in local communities.
Our organization has a strong collaboration with educational system, with others non-governmental organizations and corporate environment. We can offer qualitative experiences because we have qualified members and we work with professionalism. Our organization is oriented towards internationalism and multicultural experiences. Our qualitative experience consists in internships with relevant activities that have a very structured Job Description where they have the chance to discover cultural differences. A structured Job Description means a program with activities that helps students to develop new personal and professional skills and a better understanding of external environment.
AIESEC Oradea is a volunteering organization with motivated members which have the same vision, to make a change in our society!

Description of the organisation

AIESEC Oradea is a legally constituted Non-Governmental Organization. AIESEC Oradea is affiliated to the international AIESEC network.
AIESEC is the largest volunteer organization run by students and youth, as existing in over 100 countries and territories. This organization offers the opportunity for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential to make a positive impact in society. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed and religion, national, ethnic or social origin.
Besides the 8.000 leadership positions and 350 conferences that it offers to over 45.000 members, AIESEC provides young people an international learning environment and the opportunity to be part of a global network through Global Internship Program and Global Community Development Program that facilitates annually over 4.500 experiences in a foreign country.
AIESEC Oradea was founded 15 years ago and aims at professional and personal development of members (communication skills, negotiation, teamwork, leadership) by training and volunteer working in departments. The organization seeks non-formal education of young people (students and pupils) through different projects that cover areas like: personal development, career orientation, environment sustainability and economic development. We realize these projects with the contribution of international volunteers.
Organization's most important resources are human resources. AIESEC Oradea has 50 members in six departments. Organization's financial resources are obtained from grants, sponsorships and donations. As resources, AIESEC Oradea has office equipment and supplies. However, the organization has two headquarters.
The main objectives of the organization are conducting volunteer projects, internships and international youth leadership capacity development. Our projects are based on community problems such as lack of youth involvement in volunteer or youth development. International practical training is designed to bring more in terms of experience, communication and interaction with other cultures. Our projects are designed for the community development and specifically for youth development. Our projects promotes diversity, innovation and internationalism.
Organization structure - Our organization is structured in 6 departments: Finance, External Relations, Communication, Talent Management, Incoming Exchange and Outgoing Exchange. Each department is coordinated by a Vice President with clear responsibilities presented in a job description.
The Talent Management department's main role is maintaining the organisational climate and an efficient activity of our volunteers. Its activity consists in coordinating the recruitment, developing members' potential, education and trainings and performance evaluation. Keeping the members motivated and making them aware of the benefits gained trough leadership are also part of the department's functional systems. The continuous development of our members and stakeholders is also realized trough mentoring activities.
The Outgoing Exchange department's activity is represented by the exchange program, which offers young people the opportunity to choose an international mobility for their development. This way, multiculturalism is promoted as an element of the personal and professional development of the members. The department uses the AIESEC platform to search the most adequate internship for each member and makes sure that he has an interesting and qualitative experience. The Outgoing Exchange Department offers the needed support during abroad experiences of our volunteers.
The Incoming Exchange department deal with all the internal tasks that need to be accomplished in order to bring international volunteers in Oradea. This department is responsible to deliver clear job descriptions for these volunteers and to offer them a memorable experience. The team's aim is to offer them a relevant work experience. This implies finding the most suitable persons that can contribute the best to the quality of our projects.
The Financial department is responsible for the financial resources management in AIESEC Oradea. It deals with three sub-areas such as grants, financial management and legislation. The main activities are grants, accountancy, financial analysis, control, evaluation and creation of budgets, all contributing to the organization's sustainability.
The External Relations department is in charge if contacting the companies interested in supporting AIESEC projects and maintaining the relations with the economic environment. Department's main activity is to obtain feedback concerning our activities and search for the interested organizations to get involved in our projects. This department also perform a continuous survey to make our activity relevant for the corporate environment as well.
The Communication department has as main objective the creation and maintenance of AIESEC's image. It also promotes the projects and the events organized by our organization. The team contributes to this objective by the work done on one of the sub-areas of the department, which are public relations, design and information systems and knowledge management.
AIESEC Oradea have the capacity to develop projects, not only trough it's financial resources, but mostly trough other elements like: office, computers or internet access which allow us to realize our volunteer activity. The most important resource of our organization is and will remain the human resource.
We create our projects on relevant issues for the local community of Oradea, such as education, development and sustainability. Some of the projects that we realized in the last years are World Citizenship, a project that has had four editions and which offered workshops on career planning for high-school students, Non-Governmental Oradea (NGO), which helped promote volunteering to students and cooperation between NGOs, Cultural Preparation Program, AIESEC Academy, which offered trainings on sales, IT and human resources to students, Money Sense, which offered financial education to high-school students and Grow, a national project on career planning for high-school students.
Our Global Community Development Program is an international program of AIESEC, developed years ago and updated recently. This program is desired to improve the mobility of volunteers. Trough Global Community Development Program, volunteers have an impact in community development not only in their origin countries but also abroad. This experience is dedicated to two important stakeholders: the local community and the volunteers. The local community will be developed and improved by the projects realized with foreign volunteers and will gain a new perspective. Also, the volunteers will have a strong development experience in which they will develop personal and professional skills, and will learn a lot about a new culture, making their perspective wider. To ensure the quality of this program, AIESEC have some minimum standards, regarding job description, services or duration of the experience.

Contact details
Organisation name AIESEC Oradea
Street Str. Universitatii, Corpul E, sala E 017
Postal code 410087
Town/city Oradea
Country Romania
Email address contact@aiesecoradea.ro
Website www.aiesecoradea.ro
Telephone number +40752 996 182
Fax number -

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