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Afectos com Letras - Associação para o Desenvolvimento pela Formação, Saúde e Educação

EVS Accreditation Details
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EVS accreditation expiry date 29/11/2016
Location Pombal, Portugal
Organisation topics
Development cooperation
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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

"Afectos com Letras" wants to provide the opportunity for European citizens to contact with solidarity experiences abroad and solidary missions.

It's an experience that gives to the volunteers a unique opportunity to explore social justice through a series of volunteer placements and community development. In just a short time, each participant learns the power of working together in solidarity and how to make the difference in one of the most poorest countries in the world, Guinea Bissau.

Description of the organisation

Afectos com Letras was created after a visit to Guinea Bissau in 2008. Since then we are determined to make the difference. We started with a children sponsorship programme which aims to collect the financial support from sponsors to make it possible for Guinea-Bissauan children to attend school and have access to basic medical and nutritional assistance and didactic material.

Staff of the Organization: Our NGO woks in a voluntary and part time basis in Portugal where we have about 20 volunteers. In Guinea-Bissau we have 10 teachers' (full time employees) with adequate graduation for the accomplishment of the task and one college student at the library. They work with us in a full time basis.

We organize, design and carry out projects in an efficient way in order to:
- Increase the educational levels in targeted communities, mainly for children in kindergartens;
- Provide access to culture and information;
- Provide access to health to the disadvantaged;
- Promote preventive sanitary measures and policies;
- Empowerment of coexistence and respect among people throughout international volunteering programs and internship programs;
- Environmental conscience in the communities that lack environmental policies.

To achieve these goals we develop cooperation projects like construction of schools and libraries, supplying water, teaching, sanitation and promoting environment, youth and health awareness.
 We have co-financed the construction of three kindergartens and ensured the monthly incomes of 10 teachers as well as food, basic healthcare and teaching material for more than 200 children;
 We have built the first public library in Guinea-Bissau with documentary holdings consisting of more than 13000 books and a multimedia room;
 We ship containers and assure the regular distribution of humanitarian aid;
 We organize solidarity actions/trips;
 We support Simão Mendes National Hospital by providing medicines and medical and surgical equipment/material.
At the moment we are building our third school and our second library. Our first library is the only public library permanently opened and with multimedia access in Guinea-Bissau.

We usually promote two volunteering programs:
- the solidary missions/ fact finding missions projected for the volunteers to contact with the local community and help the NGO on the distribution of food, water, medical and educational material in different places of the country where we have our schools and where we collaborate with orphanages, public hospitals or nutritional centres;
- a volunteer program destined to a longer period of time which will enable the volunteers to work in our schools, libraries or heath centres.

We mainly work with children between 4 and 8 years old and with college students.
Our projects are distributed in three different places in Guinea-Bissau: in Bissau, in Varela and in Pecixe.
Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world and people suffer with the lack of public infrasctruture and response for their most basic needs, namely public water, electricity, sanitation, health cares or education. Nevertheless it's a country with a great agricultural and touristic potential with amazing landscapes, culturally very rich and with very kind people, which helps to overcome the basic needs, felt in almost every countries in Africa.
Library: Bissau is the capital of the country and the volunteers at the Library will be working in the academic campus with good transport facilities (bus/toca-toca or taxis) and 15 minutes away from the city centre. Functions: As well as replacing stock on the shelves and keeping the library in good order, the job involves using the library computer system to control the circulation of library stock and give information. The volunteer will also be involved in delivering computer support, and children’s activities including reading with them. Expected working time: 9h-13h and 15h-17h.
Kindergarten in Varela: Varela is a small village in the north of the country, 4 hours away from Bissau and close to the Senegal border. It's a rural area with a beautiful beach. Volunteer tasks: assisting teachers and teaching children the Portuguese language, taking care of infants during class time, helping with cooking and serving, organizing the playtime, arts and crafts activities, sports, music and games. Expected working time: 8h-15h
Pecixe Library: Pecixe is a small island in the west of the country, completly forgotten by the public authorities and people basically live according to the traditional rules. We are trying to provide best life quality for their people through the attempt of bringing them better heatlh and education assistance. At the library the volunteers should replace stock on the shelves and keep the library in good order. Expected working time: 9h00-13h00 and 15h00-17h00.
Volunteer Teaching: Teaching Portuguese, Mathematics, Music and other subjects at our Kindergartens in Pecixe or Varela. No teaching certificate is required, but native Portuguese speakers are preferred.
The number of local teachers per school is normally small. In some schools the student/teacher ratios are very high, but, it's the only chance that the students have to learn and make something out of their lives.
The student's age range is from 3 to 7years old from pre-kindergarten to class 1. For the younger children, volunteers can help with conversation in Portuguese, basic math, arts and crafts, board games, playground games, sports like soccer and running, music, and any other talents you wish to share. The school schedule is Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm. All classes are taught in Portuguese.
Example of activities: guide children to beat time audibly to rhythm during singing and recitation. e.g. clapping, beating on the drum, tapping the feet; Children imitating actions and sound in selected songs, rhymes and poems; Guiding children to talk about songs, rhymes/poems suing questions such as “do you like the songs or poems?”; Guiding children to retell stories in sequence; encouraging children to make and tell their own stories...
Librarian and culture promoter: In our library in Bissau the volunteers may help to manage the 12 000 books by cataloguing, promoting reading workshops to different age groups as well providing multimedia and internet surfing assistance.
In the library in Pecixe we propose a target public from 3 to 15 where the goal is to promote reading habits via story telling and book requisition, managed by the volunteers.
Any volunteer may also help on the advertising and providing basic information on hygiene care, HIV or malaria prevention.

Contact details
Organisation name Afectos com Letras - Associação para o Desenvolvimento pela Formação, Saúde e Educação
Street Rua Eng. Guilherme Santos, 2 - Escoural
Postal code 3100-336
Town/city Pombal
Country Portugal
Email address afectoscomletras@gmail.com
Website www.afectoscomletras.blogspot.com
Telephone number +351 918 786 792
Fax number

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