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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 20/02/2015
Location Braga, Portugal
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment



With more than 2000 years of history and located in the North Region and "Cávado" sub-region, the city of Braga is the District capital. The municipality, with approximately 184 km2 (114 mi2), is divided into 62 parishes.

Bracari, another name given to the Gallo-Celtic, was the name of the people believed to have founded the village, whose origin dates back to 300 BC. The beginning of the city has been a citadel on a hill, surrounded by forts that were intended for their protection.

Later became Bracara Augusta as the Romans baptized it, a roman administrative centre in 16 AC. It become the provincial capital of Gallaecia in the 3th century, and later was occupied by other civilizations like Visigoths, Swabians and Moors and was afterwards rebuilt by the Portuguese people during the centuries, holding nowadays a Baroque splendor not easy to find.

The name derived along the history to the present name of the city, Braga, and the inhabitants, bracarenses.

City of the Minho Province and District capital, the region is a plain of fertile soil, protected from winds by the hills, crossed by rivers Homem and Cávado, fixing itself on the west bottom of Serra da Falperra.

The city is also known as the “Portuguese Rome” or the “City of the Archbishops”, for its concentration of religious architecture and for having two archbishops. In fact, it’s not possible today to think Portugal without the existence of the city of Braga, and every visitor can prove it.

Braga - The City

With almost 180.000 inhabitants it is each time plus a pleasant city, heading for the future.
Braga is an extremely dynamic city with an intense economic activity in the areas of trade and services, education and research, construction, IT and new technologies, tourism and various branches of industry and handicrafts.

The primary sector, agriculture, has been declining gradually due to high urban sprawl.

The secondary sector - industry - is quite diverse, but is marked by companies, strong at national and international level, and related to technology, metallurgical industry, the construction and processing of wood. The software industry is the new industrial strength of Braga, considered by many the Portuguese Silicon Valley. This success is mainly due to the University of Minho, since 1976 that trains professionals in this area.

The tertiary sector – commerce - is the strongest sector of the local economy, reason why Braga is designated as the capital of trade in Portugal. Its historical town centre was rehabilitated and the traffic was prohibited at a large scale, so all inhabitants and visitors can enjoy the largest pedestrian area in the country, where live side-by-side coffee shops, services, local shops and stores of the major international brands, making this area into a giant, open air, Shopping Centre.

The city is a big commercial and industrial centre in expansion with excellent accessibility in terms of roads, airport, seaport and communications.

The fact that lies between the mountain (Gerês) and beach (Esposende), and has excellent accessibility, with emphasis on proximity to the Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro, in Oporto, and the airport of Vigo in northern Spain , only 50 minutes away, turns Braga into the heart of in Northern Portugal/Galicia.

The District of Braga presents development and quality of life parameters above the national average, only surpassed by the regions of big Porto and big Lisbon.

The city of Braga is also the capital of the Great Metropolitan Area of Minho, the third largest of the country, having functional and economical influence on more than 800 000 inhabitants. Its culture and economic influence extends to all the country and also Spain, where several inter-regional projects and protocols are established, including several successful INTERREG projects. Braga is also member of “Eixo Atlântico do Noroeste Peninsular” and the euro region of Galicia and North or Portugal, created in 2008, with more than 7 millions inhabitants.

Braga hosted in 1998 the 3rd edition of the World Youth Forum of the United Nation System, joining representatives of youth and youth-serving organizations, the United Nations System and other inter-governmental organizations from all over the world, to promote Youth Policies and Participation for Human Development, and from where resulted the Braga Youth Action Plan.

Every year Braga host relevant international events, including business, academic or sports related like in 2004, Braga co-hosted the European Soccer Championships EURO2004, Braga set up a hospitality program for visiting soccer fans, and took the chance to promote the city, its culture and its rich architectural patrimony, including the recent, international award-wining stadium, due to its modern architecture.

On 2009, the 11th National Meeting on Youth was held in Braga, with the theme "Action for change: the future is in your hands" organized by the National Youth Council

Braga - Relevant Youth Structures and Services

Braga is one of the youngest cities in Europe (it was considered the youngest city in Europe in 1989), turning it into a dynamic and energetic city. In the last 30 years the population of the District has grown more than 25%.

The city is the headquarters and main campus for the Universidade do Minho (Minho University – http://www.uminho.pt), a public university founded in 1973. In 1967, a branch of the oldest private university of

Portugal, the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (http://www.braga.ucp.pt), was also established in the city.

University of Minho, offers several courses in different areas, including wealth, economical, technological and engineering studies, among others, to around 16.000 students and promotes clusters in the area of software, polymers and electronics.


The AAUM and its section ESN Minho aims to enhance the European Volunteer Service in the context of the cultural learning, integration and inclusion of the international students of Minho University.

The EVS project will take over strategic issues from the ESN Minho. The main strategy will be the inclusion of all foreign citizens currently living in Braga.

Volunteers will develop their activities in the context of the international students, in the areas of planning, communication, information and promotion of cultural activities.

There will also be cooperation from ESN Minho volunteers with local youth organizations that work with our organization in partner projects.

Volunteers will be equally involved with the academic community from the University of Minho and the Catholic University, local research centers and regional companies with foreign trainees.

Activities Description

The volunteer will be a part of a working team in order to bring positive inputs the organization, as we need to receive new ideias and fresh perspectives. As such the volunteer will be an important person in our daily work because will improve our methods.

The volunteer should create new programs in work team basis and propose new activities and projects . The project in our organisation will not clash the Portuguese lessons in University of Minho and assures the free time for volunteer.

The supervisor and tutor meetings will be every week, during the first month and then every two weeks at the ESN Minho headquarters.

EVS volunteers will expanded their experience and learning skills on this mentioned areas:

- Training on communication and information techniques;
- Training on non formal education;
- Production and management of cultural events;
- Communication and information in the work area;
- Production and management of social events;
- Supporting youth associations on projects linked with ESN Minho.

The EVS volunteers will be supervised by ESN Minho Director and by RUM general manager, in the activities now described:

o Management of ESN Minho Facebook and other websites;
o Production and presentation of one Radio Show to Erasmus;
o Training on the radio context, precisely on this areas of production, presenting, and report;
o Research and Journalism;
o Responsible of edition of a Page from AAUM Newspaper to foreign students;
o Production of Cultural Events;
o Management of one Cultural Project;
o Management of Cultural Agenda.
o Update the site www.cultura.rum.pt

There will be always space and time to the volunteers ideas and initiatives.

Working hours and days off: Volunteer works 35 hours per week (full working time), 5 days per week. Volunteer has 2(two) consecutive days off per week and 2(two) extra days off per each full project month. As it is a multi activity project, due to the schedule of some cultural events, volunteer can be asked to work at weekends, but then he/she gets another day off during the week. Volunteer needs to agree with her task manager her days off and inform at least 2 (two) weeks before.

Accommodation: The volunteers will be accommodated in single rooms in apartments on Braga city center. The accommodation has laundry and there is an access to the internet. Volunteers will have independent life according general rules of respect and Portuguese legislation. Volunteer takes full responsibility of all disposable equipment in the accommodation.

Food: A monthly food allowance €180 will be given once a month by bank transfer to volunteers. The original bills should be given to ESN Minho Director, before 7th date of the next month. The next month payment will be done after receiving the bills from previous month. The delay of bills’ report can cause the delay of next payment. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products can be bought using food allowance. Hygienic or households goods can be bought, if necessary.

Pocket money: The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of pocket money €95 (flat rate for EVS projects in Portugal) in the beginning of each month. The volunteer will receive pocket money in euro currency.

Example of a Daily program

10.00 / 13.00 – Culture Projects
13.00 / 14.00 – Lunch Time
14.00 / 17.00 – Media Projects
18.00 / 19.00 – Portuguese Language Training
20.00 – Dinner

We offer all the logistic conditions to volunteers, as well learning opportunities to them to improve language knowledge and competences expanding.


The recruitment process will be in accordance with EVS regulations in a direct relationship with the Portuguese Youth in Action national agency.

The EVS volunteer should:

- Be persevering, possess a great ability to improvise and be very dynamic.
- Have sense of responsibility to work.
- Have the capacity of motivate and create empathy with colleagues.
- Be a person who like to interact, to play games and do leisure activities.

We are able to work with all sending organizations in order to establish a positive cooperation and share good working practices between these organizations.

The EVS Volunteers should present a Profile, based on the following skills:

- Volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years old;
- Autonomy, dynamism and communication skills;
- Knowledge and experience in different manners and expressions of culture;
- Strong social skills and interpersonal competences ;
- Ability to communicate in English is considered a plus;
- Ability to work on MS Office tools is also considered a plus.

The volunteers should present a motivation letter and curriculum vitae and Sending Organization contact.

During the recruitment process, we will establish individual questionnaires to all candidates and contact directly the sending organizations.

ESN Minho will establish as well a selection commission that will evaluate all candidatures and select the volunteers for our organization.

All candidates will be informed about the selection regulation and final result as well.


ESN Minho will have capacity to host EVS group projects and will coordinate and host EVS projects.
Volunteers can work directly in ESN Minho office, and at Minho University during the organization of some cultural events.
All volunteers will have the same opportunities and standard rules.
The Maximum Host capacity will be 30 Volunteers for a 10 Months period.


All actions and activities will be held at the premises of the University of Minho in Braga and Guimarães.

All the security conditions are in accordance with the internal regulations of higher education establishments.

In the scenario of a situation of crisis, we have a psychologist that is trained in conflict management, cultural shock and other problematic issues.

The volunteer will have one mobile phone number to contact in case of emergency any time of the day or night.

The ESN Minho staff speaks English fluently, as well good French and Spanish.

It will be taken this additional measures:

- Responsibility civil insurance;
- Emergency contacts;
- Prevention measures of risk behavior.

We will not have EVS Project to Host volunteers under 18 Years old.

Institution - Phone Number

Braga EYC 2012 - +351 967 662 955
Portuguese Youth NA - +351 253 204 260
Police - +351 253 200 420
Hospital - +351 253 209 000
Touristic Office - +351 253 262 550
Braga Professional Fireman - +351 253 264 077
Red Cross - +351 253 208 970
Youth Hostel - +351 253 616 163
Taxis - +351 253 253 253

Motivation and EVS experience

The AAUM develops all its activities based on voluntary services. This project is the follow up of the project made by RUM under AAUM in the last 3 years. The renewel of this accreditacion is the continuation of the cultur@rum project, that achieved such dimension that the organization decided to create e new section only for it, that is ESN Minho.
AAUM´s section ESN Minho project intends to promote the cultural learning, integration and inclusion of the international students of Minho University, promoting the intercultural knowledge and understanding. The involvement of EVS volunteers will increase the levels of contextualization and understanding of our organization, collaborating in the integration of the internations students. In last years, volunteers had a amazing collaboration helping the Erasmus students in their exchange. And we felt that the previous EVS volunteers developed a lot several competences and recognized their potential with that experience. Furthermore, Braga is European Youth Capital and Guimarães is European Capital of Culture, so that our region will be full of oportunities to develop several protocols and partnerships in many fields and the possibility to ESN Minho become a follow up of this events in the upcoming years.

The renewel of this accreditation follows our objective of applying to the European Voluntary Service, following the success of the previous experiences.

If the present expression of interest is an update or a renewal of a former accreditation, please indicate the EI reference number previously assigned: 2008 – PT- 59

Description of the organisation

The Academic Association of the University of Minho (AAUM) was founded in 1977. It is the student representative, performing various recreational, cultural, educational and social activities. It is one of the prime movers in the region and is considered a promoter active in fostering the society in which it operates. In 1989 succeeded in obtaining the license for establishment of the Minho University Radio (RUM), and a local radio Braga. The ESN Minho was implemented in 2011 at Minho University, under the institutional support of AAUM, as section of it, having as aims the integration of international students at Minho University, and promoting the cultural interchange between them, and of them with the local community. The ESN Minho, as the AAUM Section for international students (Erasmus, International partnerships, etc.), will be the entity responsible for implementing this project. We organize activities such cultural trips by the country, several workshops, visits to museums and monuments, thematic parties, cultural events, conferences, etc., accompanying all its experience here and, once that they are far away from their families, from their “confort zone”, helping them in their adaptation and integration. Our target group is the mobility students and we want to improve their experience with the exchange.

All the staff of our organization works as volunteers, being national students of Minho University.

Contact details
Organisation name AAUM/ RUM/ ESN Minho
Street Rua D. Pedro V, 83 - 3º
Postal code 4700
Town/city Braga
Country Portugal
Email address evs@esnminho.org
Website www.aaum.pt
Telephone number +351 967662955
Fax number

Last update: 22/02/2012