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Agency of youth promotion and development "Compass"

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 25/04/2016
Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Organisation topics
European awareness
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

The Agency of Youth Promotion and Development Compass (AYPD-Compass) has been established in 2006 by young people as a non-profit, non-governmental organization offering development services to youth, and aims at empowering the youth sector against all social, political and economic challenges. From February 2006 AYPD is a member of Regional Network against the trafficking. From May of 2006 AYPD is a member of national network: Networking Against Discrimination, Intolerance and Exclusion through Youth Work The organization is closely familiar with voluntary work within its own working style. Compass considers that the next step is to participate in an international voluntary service. We have experience in voluntary work only on local level and becoming sending organization of EVS programme will make us international in this field. The voluntary work as well as living abroad is becoming more and more popular in Georgia and we decided to take part in EVS program as a sending organization. We do believe that becoming an EVS volunteer is a big step forward for young people. The members of the Agency of Youth Promotion and Development Compass have been directly involved in implementation process of EVS projects through partnership within the organization – Youth Association DRONI. A considerable person in the organization coordinating EVS sending projects have participated in training courses on the topic of EVS Quality and participated in short term EVS project in EU country (Bulgaria). Starting from 2007 Compass is actively involved in organizing and sending participants to different Youth in Action projects through Action 3.1 - Training and Networking and Youth Exchanges. Through these projects organization have made a network of partners throughout the whole Europe as well as Georgia. Being a sending organization gives us a chance to involve particularly in volunteering field and generally in YiA programme more. The partnership that will be built within the EVS projects will strengthen our network with the partners in European countries and make it more stable. More of all what we expect is to meet the needs of local youth and get more experience in this field to move forward. We want to start with sending and once we are ready, to become hosting as well. Volunteers will gain life experience and meet different cultures that will have positive impact on them. After they are back, they have more skills and competences that will help them to continue work in youth filed or find job more easily The organization aim is to send volunteers abroad though EVS projects.

Description of the organisation

The Agency of Youth Promotion and Development Compass (AYPD-Compass) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization offering development services to youth, and aims at empowering the youth sector against all social, political and economic challenges. The principal goals of AYPD-Compass are:
- To promote awareness of the dangers of discrimination including xenophobia, sexism and all forms of racism and to reinforce the importance of equal opportunities in all sectors of society.
- To instil in young people the importance of democracy in the organization of society, and to enhance their awareness of the principles of human rights as elucidated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related international covenants and agreements.
- To encourage young people to recognize the value of cultural diversity, to actively explore other cultures and belief-systems with an open mind and to work with the young people of neighbouring countries and regions to achieve a real peace in the region based on mutual respect, justice and equality.
- To aid and assist the underprivileged sectors of Georgia society, through the provision of training services, to better access educational opportunities and to find suitable employment.
- To build capacity and trainings programs for youth organizations and young people.

To achieve aim and goals AYPD-Compass provides different educational activities on: Youth Participation; Civil Education; Pear Education; Conflict Prevention and Peace-building. Most recently Compass implemented and hosted a number of International projects.

Contact details
Organisation name Agency of youth promotion and development "Compass"
Street Apt. 2, house 3, Marelisi str.,
Postal code 0145
Town/city Tbilisi
Country Georgia
Email address datokika@yahoo.com
Website www.compass.org.ge
Telephone number +995599158256
Fax number

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