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Agency for Social and Economic Development in Borova

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 11/03/2016
Location Borova, Ukraine
Organisation topics
Education through sport and outdoor activities
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

The town of Borova is an agrarian settlement surrounded by lush forests and a large river with many beaches for recreation. The main area of employment is in agriculture. Borova is the rayon center (capital) for the Borova Rayon, so many cultural and local events are centered in Borova. There are around 6,000 people in the town itself, with another 10,000 in surrounding villages throughout the rayon. Along with the ASEDB, the volunteer would work with local government agencies in projects to serve community members throughout the entire rayon. This could include working with other NGOs or local government officials in community development programs. A very large in-door sports complex was recently completed, along with a new football field, presenting many opportunities for sports competitions and events. The living conditions for the volunteer can include a separate apartment dedicated solely for the volunteer, or a host-family arrangement. There are no specific rules or conditions, except that the volunteer adhere to local laws and takes care of the property in his/her care. ASEDB is located at the Palace of Children Art in the center of Borova. The working hours are 09:00 to 18:00. The office is staffed with four employees, with access to computer, internet, printer/copier, and projector. The building is heated during the winter and has in-door toilets. The volunteers would be housed in either a private 2-bedroom apartment, or with a host family who lives near the center of town. The volunteers may periodically not have hot running water, and would likely need to wash clothes by hand. If they lived in their own apartment, it would be furnished with basic amenities such as cookware and bedding. The apartment would have its own bathroom and shower. Once we know for sure how many volunteers are coming, and if they have any preferences, we can arrange for a home-stay or private residence. If the volunteers wish to have internet at their residence, they would need to pay for installation (about 25 euro) and monthly charges (about 10 euro). Anyway they are welcome to use the internet at the Palace of Children Art.

The volunteer would assist the ASEDB in conducting civics trainings related to leadership, volunteerism, healthy lifestyles, and project management. Just outside of Borova is a children camp where trainings and lessons could be conducted to local youth during the summer months. Some areas where the volunteer can help address include the following, but not limited to: waste recycling/management, government transparency, anti-smoking/drinking campaigns, energy efficiency/saving for buildings during winter, establishing volunteerism programs, elder care, water/resource management, financial management, and infrastructure planning. The volunteer could also assist in language learning by providing a language or cultural club that reflects their respective country. A room would be provided for the volunteer at the Palace of Children Art where such classes can be held for local youth. The volunteer would also help with grant writing and seeking to forge new partnerships with organizations in other countries. The volunteer may conduct seminars and trainings if he/she has a specialized field of training or knowledge that can benefit local members. With the addition of a major new sports complex in town, the volunteers will help with organizing and conducting sports events on a weekly basis. The new facility is completely indoors with the means to hold football, volleyball, and basketball competitions, along with many other sports. The volunteers could introduce sports respective of their country to the local youth.

The volunteer will grow personally in many ways. They will be immersed in a culture, language, mentality, and natural surroundings that are likely to be very different from their own. Community members are very hospitable and welcoming. They will want to interact and invite the volunteer to local events and places of interest. The volunteer is as likely to learn as much about themselves as they do about the language and local customs. The work week would consist of 5 working days, from 09:00 to 17:00. In coordination with staffs from ASEDB and the Palace of Children’s Art, the volunteers would plan daily lesson plans and activities for various groups of youth. These lessons would take place at the House of Pioneers in the center of town. The activities would take place throughout town. The sports activities would be conducted at the new sports facilities, with ecology and volunteer projects conducted throughout the Borova region, including the children camp. More specifically, here are some project proposals:
* The House of Children and Youth Creativity is located in the community of Borova. We conduct many creativity and cultural classes for children from 6 to 18 years old. We are located in a spacious two-story building that includes 48 square meters, and holds various classes from dance to handicrafts. One project we have in mind with volunteers is learning new dances from other countries for a group of 12-15 children. This would require 2 or 3 volunteers helping the children with warm up exercises, practicing moves, and coordinating dance routines. One example of a dance we would like to learn is a Spanish dance, the flamenco, but we would welcome any new dances that will expand our cultural exchange. We would appreciate your cooperation for a period of 6 months.
* Located a few kilometres outside of Borova is a children recreation camp called Orlyatko. It is located in a picturesque environmental setting surrounded by a forest (pine wood) and the Red Oskol Reservoir. The camp also has its own dedicated beach for the children to play and swim. The camp site is an area of 2.66 hectares. The camp ground has 29 separate houses which can each hold from 5 adults up to 8 children, a full-functioning kitchen, and a covered stage. The camp ground operates in three sessions throughout the summer, with each session hosting 150 children. Our camp revitalizes and provides lasting memories not only the children of our district, and but children from all over the Kharkiv region. Throughout each session, counsellors and educators teach children various activities including games, contests, sports, and holidays. But all of these activities are repeated year after year, so we want to diversify and introduce new activities and traditions to our children. By having volunteers from other countries help lead camp activities, the children will become acquainted with new cultures, languages, and foods.
* Six months ago, a new indoor sports complex was opened in the town of Borova, one of only a few in Ukraine. The facility has dedicated workout rooms with multi-use weight training equipment, including treadmills, free weights, stationary bikes, and other conditioning equipment. The main feature is a 200 meter long, 70 meter wide main floor that accommodates football, volleyball, basketball, and many other competitions. There is also a second floor with equipment for shaping and light workouts. Physical conditioning and living a healthy lifestyle are very important to Ukrainian students. We would like to request volunteers who can help both children and adults in sporting activities and help administer the building complex. Volunteers would be needed to help staff the facility by monitoring the equipment, checking in guests, and teaching new sports or exercises to community members. There is also a new outdoor football field where the volunteers can help staff the field.
* Another project involves environmental awareness and ecological protection. Located near Borova is a large river that attracts a lot of tourists from Eastern Ukraine. Especially during the summer, people come here to rest at the camp sites, along the banks of the river, and in the forest. They come to fish, swim, and relax in general. Since preserving the ecology is very important, we want to invite volunteers who will help with projects to inform visitors to keep the forest and river clean. The volunteers would help build waste receptacles, collect trash, make signs, and create a public awareness campaign. They would be able to enjoy the beautiful nature by swimming, camping, and fishing. The volunteers would work with the Fishing and Wildlife service and Forestry department with this environmental project. They would be given the equipment to carry out the projects. They would work closely with local services and officials to raise awareness and make positive difference on the local environment.

What we are looking for in a volunteer is someone who is excited to live in a new culture and learn a new language. Someone who wants to experience new adventures and is not afraid to live independently. Our community members are very welcoming and enjoy treating guests with the upmost respect. The decision process of choosing a volunteer will involve multiple individuals who will discuss which volunteer will be the best fit for our community. The volunteer will have access to local youth of all ages by helping out at various schools, kindergartens, camps, and youth clubs/events that are held throughout the year. Because the ASEDB is fairly new, we would hope to be paired with an organization that has extensive experience working in civic education and activism. We will seek a recruitment process that promotes openness and compatibility. We will make every effort to ensure the candidate understands the situation and circumstances they will face if they come to our community. Our community is quite rural, agrarian, and lacks some of the amenities found in larger cities. By the same token, we will seek as much information about the candidate to ensure they are appropriate for the youth projects we have planned. We will ask for a volunteer resume, or brief biography, along with at least two verifiable references. We will also ask for a written response from the volunteer composed of the following essay questions: their reason for volunteering; how they plan to adjust to a new environment; and why they think they are a good fit to work with our youth in the activities we have planned. Lastly, we will hope to conduct a brief conversation with the applicant via Skype, or some other form of communication. EVS coordinator will lead the effort in communicating with the applicants.

Within the first week of arrival, the volunteer would be introduced to the local police and government authorities. Because Borova is a relatively small community, the volunteer would also be looked after by neighbours who would be asked to assist in the volunteer well-being. The volunteer would also be introduced to prominent community members at a weekly gathering at the rayon administration building. A local counterpart or member of ASEDB will be assigned to the volunteer. This counterpart/peer will be charged with the welfare of the volunteer by helping with housing, introductions, establishing basis services, and answering questions. The counterpart will make sure the volunteer is able to find any needed services and have access to any resources that will help make their service safe and rewarding. With volunteers under 18, a host-family arrangement along with a dedicated counterpart would be responsible for the care of the volunteer. Police and local officials would be made aware of the volunteer status and looked after.

The ASEDB is able to host up to 3 EVS volunteers at the same time. The organisation is not going to organise any short-term EVS group projects nor to work with volunteers with fewer opportunities.

Motivation and EVS experience

Our reason for participating in the European Voluntary Service as a host organization is three-fold: First, we want to strengthen cultural ties between our community and the country of the volunteer. Second, we want to expose officials of the local government to new points of view that the volunteer will bring with them. Lastly, we want to provide a rewarding experience that will benefit both the volunteer and members of our community. In addition, we want to create a sustainable partnership that will result in meaningful exchanges of best practices to help improve our respective communities. We do not have any prior experience working with the EVS.

Description of the organisation

The ASEDB was recently formed last year to address local needs of community members by promoting civic engagement and community development. The ASEDB is a non-government organization whose mission is to promote the interests of local residents. ASEDB main goal is to protect the social interests of disadvantaged elements in the local community. Its director is Iryna Yuriyivna Kakulya. Julia Aleksandrivna Sheludko serves as its vice president and deputy chairperson, and Svetlana Sergeyivna Lisachenko is the secretary. Since ASEDB was recently formed, its participation with the EVS program will be a great opportunity to engage its staff in future civics projects and increase their civic education. The ASEDB is currently assisting in the renovation of the main park in Borova, as well as outreach programs for youth with a local government agency. These programs are designed to provide youth with a place to meet and engage in creative arts and recreation that teach crafts and technical skills. The ASEDB also assists other communities throughout the rayon such as helping a nearby village with the installation of energy efficient windows.

Contact details
Organisation name Agency for Social and Economic Development in Borova
Street 19 Mira Street
Postal code 63801
Town/city Borova
Country Ukraine
Email address borovarada@mail.ru
Telephone number +38 (05759) 6-13-92
Fax number +38 (05759) 6-15-82

Last update: 10/04/2013